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  • Learn about digital transformation co-innovation strategies
  • Learn how SmartDigital services can provide value to E&P enterprises
  • Learn how SmartDigital technology harnesses Design Thinking and Agile methodologies


  • Business unit leaders
  • Digital officers
  • Data scientists
  • Researchers


In this webinar, we’ll explore the contribution of the co-innovation approach to the exploration and production (E&P) industry and why it’s such an important component to the future success of digital transformation in oil and gas life cycles. As the industry strives for greater efficiency, accuracy and safety, digital technologies are being recognized universally as offering significant advantages when compared with traditional computing ecosystems in each of these areas.

The lure of digital may mean more devices in the field to capture vital data, with infinite data storage and computing power to store and analyze the data, as well as machine learning, artificial intelligence or sophisticated visualization capabilities that augment human interpretation of this data. The constant requirement to harness any of these horizontal technology opportunities is the imagination and creativity of the E&P professionals that already work in your organizations.

Learn how SmartDigital services can provide a conduit for the intellectual capacity to be converted to digital outcomes that will power your profits by solving business challenges in a collaborative manner in order to help increase your company’s success.


Speaker | Alex Page, SmartDigital Business Development Manager, Halliburton Landmark

Alex Page is SmartDigital Business Development Manager, with over 33 years of E&P experience, including 22 years with Halliburton. The majority of that time has been spent in the creation of software solutions that meet the needs of geoscientists, engineers, and others contributing to successful energy companies. Page has worked as a geoscience consultant and team lead at IKODA Ltd. (now Ikon Geoscience), and as a seismic processing geophysicist at Digicon (now Veritas) and as a mudlogging engineer with Sperry Sun Logging Systems. He graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a bachelor’s degree in geology, and from Imperial College London university with a master’s degree in petroleum geology and geophysics.

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