A New Age of Well Construction

A New Age of Well Construction

Why Well Construction 4.0?

With Well Construction 4.0, you can seek to minimize planning cycle times, reduce drilling costs with predictable authorizations for expenditures (AFEs), and accelerate critical decision making to help minimize planning cycle time, mitigate risk, maximize reservoir contact, and achieve repeatable drilling performance to maximize rig use and other service equipment utilization.

Adapting the concepts of Industry 4.0 (including the internet of things, cloud computing, and big data analytics) to obtain digital twin technology, we are optimizing the well construction process at every stage by enhancing existing and proven science to significantly reduce the time and uncertainty involved in planning and designing your well, and to also keep the well program up to date in real time as you drill. You can be confident that you are getting the most value out of your asset from all stages of your well construction.

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The Industry’s First Digital Approach to Well Construction That is Tailored to Each of Your Unique Well Construction Workflows.

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Decrease planning time, reduce cost, mitigate risk, and improve decision making in real time across all phases of the well construction life cycle.

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