Unlocking the Secrets of Super Basins

Discover the Full Potential of the World's Most Prolific Basins

Despite the mature nature of ‘Super Basins’, the potential for exploration success remains high, providing exciting shorter-cycle opportunities in lower risk settings.

Understanding what makes a Super Basin ‘Super,’ is key to identifying new play opportunities and accessing the untapped potential of these mature mega provinces. This can be achieved by taking a step back to consider the bigger picture. This approach enables a number of key questions to be addressed:

  • Are all super basins comparable?
  • What analogues can be applied?
  • What risks are associated with new play opportunities and how can they be mitigated?

The Neftex® Insights portfolio from Halliburton Landmark provides the tools and geological insight to leverage a new perspective to better understand the risks in such basins, and offers digital solutions to help deliver the innovation necessary for success.

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Identified Global Super Basins

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Plays With Commercial Discoveries

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Frontier Plays, Yet To Be Explored

Explore the Neftex® Case Studies to Find Out More

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Middle East Exploration - Far From a Lost Cause

Throughout the history of exploration it has been shown that new life can be breathed into mature basins by finding new play concepts. You just need to know where to look.
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The Permian Basin – Assessing Unconventional Resource Distribution

The Permian Basin is currently the most active shale super basin in the U.S. Yet an integrated regional approach can be used to shine a light on new and exciting opportunities, even within a mature basin.
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Alaskan North Slope – Risks and Rewards in the Unexplored

The North Slope of Alaska has seen several recent, high-profile discoveries made within underexplored Cretaceous stratigraphy, yet exploration risk remains poorly defined. Unravelling the complex tectonic history can help reveal both risks and rewards in this super basin.
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Vaca Muerta - Predicting Potential Sweet-Spots

How can an exploration concept can be applied to predict the distribution of production sweet-spots in a super basin? Find out how an appreciation of mechanical stratigraphy can impact the assessment of resource distribution within a play in the Neuquén Basin.

Catch up on the LIFE London Super Basin Presentations

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Tools for Exploration
New Insights for Super Basins

Maximizing reserves recovery in Super Basins requires an understanding of the regional geology, an appreciation of the exploration cycle and the innovative tools to successfully exploit these new reserves. Do you have what it takes to discover the full potential?
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The Anatomy of a Super Basin
Creating Meaningful Comparisons

Are all Super Basins, equally ‘Super?’ Little is known about the heterogeneous nature of the known petroleum systems within, and between, Super Basins or what new exploration opportunities exist in the mature mega provinces. Where are the most promising provinces for new discoveries?

Exploration Insights Magazine

Catch up on the May edition of the Exploration Insights magazine: Breathing New Life into Old Basins. Discover articles on the anatomy of Super Basins, Devonian unconventional shale plays in the Alberta Basin, future potential in the Bohai Basin, and more...

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Exploration: The Ingredients for Future Success

Learn about novel geoscience that can lead to better prediction in the exploration process.

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