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Seismic Engine allows you to create and run advanced geophysical algorithms and post-stack attributes at scale on 3D seismic data.


Process terabytes of seismic data via an extensive digital framework that supports over 90 post-stack attributes.

Flexibility to generate multiple realizations seamlessly to easily compare results, select best parameters, and then design the right solution.

Create innovative attribute generation workflows, using a built-in tool kit, to target unique challenges and complex computations.

Visualize high-resolution 3D attributes, while preserving data fidelity, and validate results to maximize value of large-scale seismic data.

Decrease attribute computation turnaround time, allowing more time to focus on interpretation, critical decision making, and other value-adding activities.

Integrate with other DecisionSpace® 365 cloud applications to get better results 10X faster than previously possible with the limitations of conventional desktop applications.

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