Scalable Earth Modeling leverages a multi-scale modeling approach. It works to rapidly process large data sets while maintaining the fidelity of the original data, without sacrificing valuable information, and achieving consistent subsurface models at different scales in a single, gridless simulation.

Scalable Earth Modeling utilizes the complex geology structural model from DecisionSpace® Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® application and well data to distribute continuous properties in a gridless visualization model to screen parameters, test multiple scenarios, or focus in a particular area of interest. There is no grid-creation involved, reducing the time to QC and significantly reducing the timespan of the modeling-to-production planning cycle. When needed, users can build and transfer the desired properties to a 3D grid at the appropriate scale to capture key features and heterogeneities.

The gridless model result from Scalable Earth Modeling can be transferred to a 3D grid for further analysis in DecisionSpace® 365. Then, for dynamic simulation, the Full Scale Asset Simulation cloud application is the preferred option; however exporting to third-party applications is also supported.

Our gridless property modeling technology removes the grid building step from the typical earth modeling workflow and utilizes cloud computing to build models at any resolution typically in seconds. The distribution of continuous properties uses efficient geostatistical algorithms for stochastic and deterministic property modeling: Turning Bands and Ordinary Kriging respectively. Cloud computing can provide the ability to run multiple realizations at different model scales virtually instantaneously.


Fully developed on the OpenEarth® Community as a series of microservices, Scalable Earth Modeling utilizes distributed computation, with components of a system shared among multiple computers to help improve efficiency and performance. It is optimized for large data processing and seeks to improve work-place flexibility, allowing users to access the application and computing resources from anywhere.

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