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Scalable Earth Modeling allows you to rapidly generate multiple scenarios helping lead to an accurate, integrated, and reliable subsurface model—while maintaining the fidelity of your original data.


Use all available data, all of the time, regardless of area of interest, to build scalable earth models—without compromising on resolution or size.

Handle large quantities of data by leveraging elastic cloud computing to quickly calculate and quantify accurate, reliable oil and gas reserves.

Scale any given model from larger to smaller geological areas, based on user desire, without having to run multiple different models for various areas of interests.

Integrate new data as soon as available from various sources, seamlessly updating your model and eliminating the need for model re-creation.

Access one integrated, up-to-date model to use and collaborate with other disciplines across the enterprise, improving workforce efficiency and effectiveness.

Run more realizations and build more models in less time with unmatched speed, drastically reducing the typical earth modeling workflow time.

Helps determine a more accurate estimation of oil and gas in place, reducing risk and increasing ROI.

Maintain resolution of original data, without simplification, to achieve enhanced subsurface rock characterization in a single, grid-less model.

Make better well placement decisions and production forecasting with the aid of more trusted reserves calculations.

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