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Tap Into More Reserves With Scalable Earth Modeling

The recovery of reserves is being limited by a lack of subsurface understanding. What the E&P industry needs to achieve a better realization of subsurface characteristics is a more powerful, all-inclusive earth modeling capability that uses all available data and which is geologically and computationally scalable.  

The answer is the first and only cloud-native application on the market for high-volume earth modeling, Scalable Earth Modeling, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application. Powered by TensorCloud technology, this software allows you to rapidly run big data processing jobs and generate multiple scenarios to help create accurate, integrated, and reliable subsurface models —without the need to upscale the data from its original captured resolution.

Reduce Risk on Recoverable Reserves and Better Understand Return on Investment

Helps provide more trusted hydrocarbon reserves quantification and well placement by using elastic cloud computing technology, which enables numerous simulations within a unified context.

Obtain High-Resolution Subsurface Characterization

A single, scalable, grid-less model populated through geostatistical algorithms for more consistent and reliable subsurface characterization at varying resolutions, while maintaining the fidelity of your original data.

Dramatically Reduce Typical Earth Modeling Workflows Timeframe

With a paradigm shift in the approach to underlying geometrical definition, you can build models at unmatched speed, freeing up your resources and your time to focus on high-value decision-making that maximizes reserves recovery.

Reduce Modeling-to-Decision-Making Cycle

The improved modeling performance and productivity help you make more informed decisions faster, based on the availability of comprehensive data and enhanced subsurface understanding.

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