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Meet Gabriela Morales

Meet Gabby. Sr. Product Specialist – Drilling Production Economics for Halliburton Landmark. With her years of experience in field drilling operations she is a valuable resource on iEnergy. Every day before she runs her online community Gabby takes a run to clear her mind and gain perspective on what matter most.

As a trusted iEnergy moderator Gabby is a conduit between the R&D Team and customers. She spots new ideas, facilitates collaboration, helps create a more robust software and encourage an environment where ideas can be exchanged. This is Gabby, and she is iEnergy.

Tips from a moderator

Moderators have a pulse on what is being talked about on the iEnergy communities. From knowledge sharing, to user support, they are crucial to the conversation. Get the latest tips on iEnergy from Gabriela.

The Importance of Digital Technologies and Collaboration

The application of digital technologies has  been a part of everyday working life for many years and are an essential part of the Exploration and Production (E&P) Industry. However, the low oil prices we are experiencing as part of this unprecedented downturn has forced operators to do more, with less.

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In a low oil price environment where reducing costs is an imperative, E&P companies are forced to re-evaluate what is essential versus what can be cut.

Learn more about support options available to end users of Landmark Software as part of their maintenance program.