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Transitioning to the Cloud – It’s an Evolution, Not a Revolution

Transitioning to the cloud does not have to be done in a single move. You can preserve existing investments and move data gradually, at your own pace, while still being able to access multiple data sources wherever they reside.

The industry's only cloud-native platform that supports an E&P hybrid IT landscape—Integration Foundation, ties together all DecisionSpace® 365 cloud applications and on-premise software, so that they work in harmony. This platform delivers unmatched scalability and flexibility, leveraging cloud native architecture and cloud services to help meet customer needs at various points on their digital journey. It provides a bridge to extend your current work environment for handling data in a way that makes sense, with continuous communication between the cloud and on-premise systems via real-time connectivity.

Integration with Your Existing Assets for Greater Flexibility

Open architecture provides you with choice and the flexibility to connect with 3rd party applications and data stores to make the most of your existing investments.

A Unified View of Your Data for Improved Accessibility

Access all your data via a single connection and an open source search engine that delivers high-speed searching capability.

QC Diagnostics for Greater Data Quality Control

Built-in QC diagnostics help identify and address data anomalies and provide a percentage measure of quality to support better decision making.

Streamline Your Processes for Improved Efficiency

Customizable workflow automation and orchestration based on your unique business requirements help improve productivity.

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