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iEnergy Continues to Expand Its Community of Niche Software Providers

Contributed by Halliburton

A thriving assembly of niche software providers are joining iEnergy®, the foremost E&P community in the cloud. iEnergy creates value to all members from end users to software developers to academia through its open, inclusive and collaborative approach. The iEnergy community is underpinned on the DecisionSpace® enterprise platform that delivers Landmark’s suite of end-to-end applications. “iEnergy members can discover the latest technology for enhancing workflows from Landmark, a business line of Halliburton, and our trusted iEnergy® partners,” says Jenny Salinas, Global Marketing director at Landmark, a business line of Halliburton. The DecisionSpace enterprise platform enables iEnergy® partners to extend niche workflows for rapid development and deployment to customers.

What value does iEnergy create for the participating iEnergy® partners? iEnergy creates the opportunity for independent software developers to showcase their portfolio of technology components on iEnergy Discover. “Our company’s iEnergy partnership has enabled seamless integration and rapid deployment of our advanced spectral analysis technologies into DecisionSpace’s globally established marketplace,” says Stan Abele, senior vice president of Product Management at Lumina Technologies.” He adds, “The iEnergy® community has accelerated market demand for our geosciences products. With the responsive support of the iEnergy® team, our Lumina Prospectra® spectral analysis technology plug-ins have been released, and the porting of our entire quantitative interpretation system Lumina QI™ to DecisionSpace® is well underway.”

Eliis, a new iEnergy® partner, offers PaleoScan™. This software is designed to increase productivity and quality of the seismic interpretation due to a comprehensive approach, where geological models are built while interpreting seismic volumes making the interpretation drastically faster and more accurate. Vianney Savajol, business development manager at Eliis, says, “With the iEnergy program, Landmark has not only made the development of our plug-in a very simple and straight forward exercise, providing at all times a full technical support to our developers, but has also increased the exposure of our company and of our software to the iEnergy community.” Savajol adds, “We are very excited to release the PaleoScan™ plug-ins for DecisionSpace® in the coming months. The link will enable seamless data exchange between the two applications making it a valuable tool for DecisionSpace users, who wish to maximize the benefits from PaleoScan™ with its enhanced workflow capabilities.”

iEnergy® partners are one of several types of members in the iEnergy community. The community brings together developers, scientists, researchers, end users, academia, and iEnergy® partners for a unique experience. Participants worldwide work with and integrate information and technologies as well as collaborate across discussions and project forums in iEnergy. As an organically growing ecosystem, iEnergy community members are benefitting now and will for years to come through this unique opportunity to work, learn, contribute, collaborate, and profit.

To learn more about iEnergy, visit www.ienergy.community or email Rekha.patel@halliburton.com.

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