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Optimize Your Well Placement to Achieve Field Economic Goals

Too often, the results of field development fall short of actual plans and compromise return on capital. To address this, a holistic and iterative approach to well planning is required.

Holistic Field Development Planning®, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, continually updates as constraints arise from the field and office during the project’s design and execution phases. This allows more optimal commercial and technical decisions to be made throughout the well construction process and improved confidence in the development plans. By holistically planning your asset, you can help maximize its value and optimize well placement to achieve the economic goal for your asset.

Increase Confidence in Performance Forecasts

Integrated data, automated workflows, and collaborative workspaces enable transparency between the technical, operational, and economical teams. This allows for data-driven decision making that can be based on up-to-date information, and optimized based on business constraints.

Reduce Planning Cycle Time

Reduce human error and optimize efficiency through collaborative work by connecting the software used for field development planning and for rerunning planning scenarios. Additionally, acceptable ranges for key parameters can be given for each input in the workflow, and thousands of scenarios can be run up front to optimize the plan for certain business goals.

Accelerate Informed Decision Making

By digitalizing the approval process, people who need to sign off are able to see how recommendations were generated and what dependencies and uncertainties exist. They are able to make better informed decisions and to ask the right people for rework, where needed.


Discover How to Optimize Well Placement to Achieve the Economic Goal for Your Asset.

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