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Digital Well Program

Apply Digital Twin Using Digital Well Program for Lean Process Execution and Help Optimize Drilling Decisions

In recent years the Exploration and Production (E&P) industry has experienced fatal cost constraints. The need for increased asset productivity and efficiency has never been more critical. Nowadays, operators need to be able to predict and prevent drilling failures and avoid Non-Productive Time and Invisible Lost Time during drilling. Halliburton Landmark presents the Digital Well Program™ solution, a program that digitally transforms the way wells are constructed by applying the Digital Twin concept in the Well Construction Lifecycle. Digital Well Program bridges the gap between field and office. With its built-in integration and process management capabilities, data is automatically assimilated to help generate a fully validated and engineering-consistent well program.

Help Reduce Planning Uncertainties

The process of well planning is vital to reduce planning uncertainties, capture requirements from the subsurface and generate the most efficient and optimal well program. Digital Well Program does so by extending the capability of the industry-leading Engineer Desktop™ (EDT) software and the DecisionSpace® platform via built-in integrations. The integration automatically audits and verifies each phase of well construction. In each phase, potential inconsistencies are assessed by combining best practices in well design with process assurance and compliance.

Additional revisions to the preliminary plan may arise during the assessment of the well program. Digital Well Program™ solution helps notify and accelerate the approval of revisions to the well program, allowing it to be available for all the right people to consume.

Make Fast and More Accurate Decisions During the Drilling Operation in Real-Time

As companies strategize to reduce cost and optimize productivity, Digital Well Program helps improve the overall integration and well construction processes by allowing fast and more accurate decisions to be made in real time. During the execution phase of the well program, drilling and workover activities generate data that is then captured in Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM) software. Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM) software has proven to be the most comprehensive data management solution in the E&P industry. The access to historical and real-time data offer lessons learned and guidance to achieve the optimal well design for future plans.

Enhance the Visualization and Predictability in the Drilling Operation

The ultimate goal of the Digital Well Program is to help operators, service companies, and third parties benefit from combining data-driven solutions. Its advanced analytics generates real-time data into one model that helps enhance the visualization and predictability of drilling operations. These insights are designed to help provide a more accurate and complete view of the drilling environment. As a result, it will help lead towards the goal of safer and more accurate decisions, thus helping reduce unplanned downtime and helping to optimize well construction lifecycle management

Digital Well Program

Digital Well Program™ Provides the Foundation for Building Your Drilling Digital Twin on Landmark's Platform

Digital Well Program

Well Construction 4.0

The ability to integrate, automate, analyze, and optimize with real-time data is a major breakthrough in helping to successfully predict and analyze Invisible Lost Time (ILT) and Non-Productive Time (NPT) -- before they happen.

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Digital Well Program

DecisionSpace® 365

Now the burden of buying, deploying, maintaining and supporting onsite E&P software can be a thing of the past. Eliminate high costs, gain mobility, and shift to Digital E&P with DecisionSpace® 365 on iEnergy® Cloud.

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