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The Well Construction Process Starts with Identifying the Sweet Spot and Extends to Well Integrity, Intervention, and Effective Management of the Asset.

  • What are the fundamental questions to answer for safely constructing cost-effective wells?        
  • Where are the prospects located and how do you reach them?        
  • What are the risks associated with these prospects and how do you mitigate them?

In this series, you will learn how to address these questions by using the most integrated Landmark suite of technologies.

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Talk 1 - Well Placement Utilizing an Integrated Domain Workflow

In this first talk on well construction, you will hear how to reduce planning cycle time and increase planning efficiency through a multidisciplinary approach where all persons involved in well planning, such as geologists, reservoir engineers, and drilling engineers, work collaboratively in a single environment to design the optimal well trajectory for a single well or a full field development.

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Talk 2 - Casing Design for Deep Offshore and HPHT Wells

Casing strings can fail by collapsing or bursting in high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) deep water environments. Therefore, designing the proper casing and tubing strings is critical for drilling these wells. In this session, you will learn how to design the most appropriate casing and tubular design, while obtaining both the right well integrity and the best cost configuration.

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Talk 3 - Casing-Wear Well Integrity Analysis

Precise casing wear prediction is important for improving well integrity and longevity, while simultaneously making casing designs more cost effective. This session will demonstrate how to perform well integrity analysis by predicting the precise casing wear through advanced engineering models and validating the predicted wear versus maximum allowable wear.

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Talk 4 - Optimizing Well Trajectory by Applying Geomechanical Constraints

Drilling challenges from events related to abnormal formation pore pressure and wellbore instability cost the industry almost $8 billion every year. This session will discuss how you can reduce uncertainty and optimize wellbore design for safer and improved drilling performance through integrated well construction solutions provided by Landmark.


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Talk 5- Wellbore Stability Analysis for Extended-Reach Wells in Overpressure Conditions

Drilling extended-reach wells can be expensive and challenging, as a poor understanding of the subsurface can lead to significant non-productive time while drilling these wells. Or, in the worst cases, result in the abandonment of a well before reaching the target. This session covers a well planning feasibility study for extended-reach drilling in overpressure zones, considering all the data from different domains and scales.


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