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Robust and well-integrated applications provide production engineers the opportunity to obtain improved results in conducting surveillance, modeling, well optimization, artificial lift management, well testing, and PVT analysis, as well as reporting and collaborating with colleagues in other domains.

In our Landmark Digital E&P Talks, we will demonstrate how our technology can increase efficiency and capability, and may lead to quicker and better decisions for both short- and long-term challenges. In this series, you will learn how Landmark can increase value to asset management and engineering by leveraging: 

  • Integration 
  • Visualization 
  • Orchestrated workflows 
  • Standardization 
  • Analytics 
  • Real-time and Internet of Things derived data   

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Talk 1 - Production Analytics – Enabling Proactive Diagnostics and Management

Every operator seeks to manage resources – budget, people, equipment and time – so having a single, complete view of asset operations shared by the entire organization can help deliver efficient operations. Integrating silos of data into a rich analytic environment fosters insight, enabling better decision making which adds value. Many organizations can benefit from this capability, and complete integration and preconfigured analytic tools can make implementation easier than ever before.

In this session, we will look at how a Landmark solution can deliver data-driven analytics and decision making, deriving insights and value from diverse data, engineering and analytic tools.

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Talk 2- Well Integrity Management

Attention to asset and well integrity helps deliver efficient operations. In this session, we will demonstrate how our well integrity management solution can help provide an effective platform for process management, monitoring and operations. The solution is designed to minimize risks and production loss by streamlining well integrity monitoring and analysis. With automated and integrated workflows, the solution can help deliver rapid diagnosis of well barrier elements, spot well integrity risks faster, and provide timely preventive and corrective maintenance.


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Talk 3 - Data Science and Edge Computing in Production

Harvesting knowledge from large datasets has the potential to derive huge value in E&P. Initiatives are underway to use advanced data science, machine learning methodologies and tools to extract insight in all domains. In this session, we will focus on production, and how we are working with diverse datasets to assist in capturing insights and knowledge.

Edge computing is a tool that seeks to provide reflex capability to the field, automatically filter and analyze real-time data, and add intelligence to remote locations. Examining some real examples, we will explore the techniques and challenges, and describe how working with these emerging solutions can add insight and value to production operations.

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Talk 4 - Orchestrating Workflows

In previous webinars, we highlighted the benefits of executing engineering workflows to help improve asset management, monitor operations, identify improvement opportunities, determine optimal operating points and execute improvement activities. The ability to standardize and automate these processes can be invaluable.

In this talk, you will learn how standardized – and customized – engineering workflows, delivered in a powerful web portal environment and integrated with a single set of data, can help increase engineering efficiency and repeatability.

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