DecisionSpace® is the only application that allows Real Time Horizontal Well Correlation alongside all your subsurface data and all your interpretation tools.

DecisionSpace® Horizontal Well Correlation gives operators real-time subsurface intelligence to fine-tune their drilling programs to help maximize reservoir contact. A component of the DecisionSpace Geoscience suite, Horizontal Well Correlation combines offset well type log data, available seismic data and associated Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® surfaces, and real-time LWD/MWD data from the active drill site. This complete workflow leads to superior understanding of the bounding stratigraphy, and helps to hold a horizontal or highly-deviated well in the sweet spot for maximizing contact with the pay zone.

Key benefits of DecisionSpace® Horizontal Well Correlation include:

  • Co-located with all your subsurface data and interpretation tools
  • Intimately linked to the dynamically updatable Dynamic Frameworks to Fill
  • Works in conjunction with seismic data

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