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Sharpen Your Subsurface Understanding With Unbiased Interpretation

Manually interpreting hundreds of wells is time-consuming, and it introduces inconsistencies through human bias of the interpreter. Now you can speed up the process and obtain consistent, unbiased lithological prediction across your enterprise with help of a supervised machine learning (ML) technique offered by Assisted Lithology Interpretation, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application. This innovative ML technology predicts lithology from wireline responses according to a trained algorithm that runs hundreds of interpretations via advanced cloud computing, in minutes rather than days. It allows you to rapidly test different interpretations, while also integrating interpretation data into your workflows, providing automated updates and changes.

Assisted Lithology

Lower Subsurface Risks With Better Lithology Predictions

Gain a more precise and reliable understanding of subsurface characteristics using multiple, comprehensive scenario tests on the same data for a given field or basin.

Seamlessly Integrate Interpretation Data in Just Minutes

The open platform allows you to easily connect to, and integrate data from industry standard databases, such as OpenWorks®, Recall™, or EDM™, as well as your own datalake.


Make Smart Investment Decisions Based on Confidence in Data

A built-in confidence measure, captures and tracks the percentage of uncertainty associated with the prediction, on a well by well basis.

Lower Cost by Moving From Manual to Digital Interpretation

Leveraging ML technology and advanced cloud computing saves time and requires less resources, allowing you to focus on high value decision-making.

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