Best Data Management & Application Solution Award Finalist

DecisionSpace® Borehole Data Management Software helps to automate the movement of borehole data through the company from the time it is acquired to the time it is effectively used by technologists, aiding in reducing costs and potential errors.

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Best Exploration Technology Award Finalist

DecisionSpace® Geosciences Software for Automated Fault Detection: The new Automated Fault Detection technology helps improve efficiency through the automation of workflows and handling of large, multidimensional datasets to reduce interpretation cycle times and increase accuracy.

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Best Visualization & Collaboration Award Finalists

FieldPlan® Express Software, a cloud-hosted offering, quickly generates detailed conceptual field development alternatives—from initial construction through operations and abandonment—to help investors and acquisition teams determine the value of offshore properties early in the selection process.

Neftex™ Regional Frameworks in DecisionSpace® software offers regional-scale structural depth surfaces for key stratigraphic intervals, specifically designed to aid in rapidly assessing exploration potential during basin screening. The solution helps deliver cost savings by reducing the time spent on data aggregation and integration, and also allows users to rapidly assess depth-related risks by incorporating and analyzing data in a ready-made depth framework.

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