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Introducing DecisionSpace® 365 Essentials – Well Construction Software

The essential well construction E&P cloud applications that provides the best performance at the right price. We are pleased to announce our latest cloud offering, DecisionSpace 365 Essentials – Well Construction software. This integrated suite of cloud applications can help reduce your well preparation time, increase well reliability, and maximize well productivity while lowering your costs of ownership.

Introducing DecisionSpace® 365 Essentials – Geosciences Software

The essential geosciences E&P cloud applications that provides the best performance at the right price. We are pleased to announce our latest cloud offering DecisionSpace 365 Essentials – Geosciences. This integrated suite of cloud applications can modernize and revolutionize the way geoscientist and geologist work and can help to optimize returns from existing assets and replace your produced reserves.

Managing & Making the Most of Your Seismic Data on the OSDU™ Data Platform

In this webinar, we will show how Halliburton Landmark is leveraging the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU™) platform along with DecisionSpace® 365 Software as a Service, to build and deliver advanced seismic data management solution workflows that overcome these challenges and enable companies to obtain the maximum benefit from the seismic data that they have available.

Applying Agile Field Development Concepts to Heavy Oil Development

This webinar is for both field development and enhanced oil recovery options for heavy oil fields. Learn how Halliburton’s Agile Field Development workflow can help operators significantly streamline design and execution of heavy oil projects.

UAE: Next Generation Information Management and National Data Repository

Please join us for this webinar where you will learn about Halliburton’s cloud ready next generation IM Platform, which provides scalable and cost-effective storage for massive amounts of data in practically any format and type. A platform that is compatible with Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU™) and help support the data-driven exploration and production decisions that you make every day, helping to uncover new opportunities.

Updating Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy - A Progress Report

Learn about updates and refinements to the Arabian Plate sequence stratigraphic model, nearly 20 years on from the publication of the book, Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy.

Cloud-Enabled Technologies – A Paradigm Shift for the Oil and Gas Industry

Find out what the digital/data challenges facing the upstream oil and gas industry are, and learn how innovative companies leverage these and lead the industry in digital transformation.

Data-Driven Modeling – Digital Twin for Corrosion Flow Assurance

Learn how the digital twin approach can help companies optimize the best pipeline design and subsea architecture for minimizing corrosion.

Can Geologists and Engineers Be More Like Pilots Than Carpenters?

Get insight into how today’s domain experts will be giving way to experts that are smart, cloud-based machines.

How Does Invisible Lost Time (ILT) Contribute to Drilling and Well Costs?

Learn about the different drilling operational KPIs (macro and micro) to benchmark and analyze for quick wins and added value, and how this solution can optimize and contribute to the bottom line of well construction costs.

Probabilistic Approach to Real-Time Trajectory Control

Learn how to proactively control the well path, considering the uncertainty of drilling parameters and rock properties.

Evaluation of the Late Jurassic Pimienta-La Casita Unconventional Resource Play

Appraisal of unconventional potential within the Pimienta-La Casita Play: Implications for the upcoming bid round 3.3 in Mexico.

Underexplored Cretaceous Plays

See how to characterize and predict petroleum systems by using a global plate tectonic framework in combination with sequence stratigraphic interpretation.

Evaluación de Recursos en el Play no Convencional del Jurásico Superior Pimienta-La Casita

Evaluación económica del potencial no convencional en el play Pimienta-La Casita, implicaciones para la próxima Ronda de licitación, 3.3, en México.

Beyond Well Economics: Leveraging Asset Intelligence to Optimize Your Petroleum Investment Portfolio

This webinar highlights how to maximize profitability of your portfolio investments and make better asset management decisions by combining well economics with asset-level intelligence and optimization.

Achieving an Asset's Desired Lifecycle Outcome

Learn how considering an asset’s development strategy and economics early in the field development process can help you reach your asset’s “end goal".

Data-Driven Oilfields: Uncovering Insights with Production Analytics

Discover how to get business insights and make informed, data-driven decisions for your oilfields by combining cutting-edge analytics and powerful visualizations.

The Power of Collaboration and Innovation in Enterprise Data Visualization for E&P Companies

In this webinar, we will discuss how oil and gas companies can collaborate with others in the industry to create innovative, integrated data visualization solutions for geology, geophysics, drilling, and engineering data in exploration and production (E&P) applications.

Using Super Pads for Rapid Field Development

Learn how integrated field planning technology can help mitigate risks and uncertainties in super-pad developments by analyzing various pad layouts, along with well planning and design scenarios, to successfully execute the well and lower overall costs per barrel.

The Transformation of Well Construction Data Management Health Checks

Understand the safety and financial impacts of poor-quality drilling data in the well construction life cycle.

Overcoming Obstacles to Profitability

Discover why having full oil and gas lifecycle insights and connections between digital, petrotechnical and financial parts of the organization are crucial for profitability

How to Stop Your Ellipses of Uncertainty From Going Pear Shaped

This webinar is a review of directional survey error models and how the position uncertainty is used in collision avoidance. It highlights why the uncertainty position results don’t behave as expected and where emerging standards will improve understanding.

Beyond the Nonproductive Time (NPT) Dilemma

Establish qualified historical real-time data to understand past performances and implement lessons learned as part of the well program to identify and avoid the nonproductive time (NPT) dilemma.

Developing Play Concepts in Exploration

Gain rapid insight into plays, identifying play elements and geographic extent alongside key geological risk.

Resolviendo Desafíos de Producción de Campos Maduros

Comprender cómo se puede modelar y validar el diseño del pozo y optimizar la configuración de la operación ​

Oil & Gas Digital Twin in a System of Systems Model

Learn how systems engineering can ensure that customer functional and performance requirements are met.

State of the Art in 3D Reservoir Characterization and Dynamic Simulation Palo Azul Field Experience

Understand how the collaborative efforts between geologists and reservoir engineers led to establishing a more reliable field history. ​

BP Case Studies: Challenging Fields - Complex Facilities and Multi-Reservoir Production Management

Learn how high-performance reservoir simulation technology helps manage and optimize even the most challenging fields.

Exploration: The Ingredients for Future Success

Learn about novel geoscience that can lead to better prediction in the exploration process.

Integrating Data Through the Exploration Workflow

See how tools within DecisionSpace® Geosciences facilitate collaboration and data management as the model evolves.

Solving Mature Field Production Challenges: An Integrated Surveillance Approach

Learn how you can quickly gain daily production insights and pinpoint downtime opportunities to find an asset’s optimal production.

Accuracy in Reservoir Modeling Drives Development Cost Savings

Learn how Landmark’s reservoir management technology can help you gain accuracy in reservoir modeling and cost savings in field development planning with a reservoir simulator that puts advanced scientific innovation at your fingertips and supports end-to-end E&P lifecycle management.

There's a Faster Way to Manage Reserves!

Do you struggle with common Reserves Management challenges like disparate data, incomplete audit trails, and infrequent reporting? Brody Todd from Palantir Solutions and Adebola Adejumo from Halliburton Landmark discuss a joint offering for calculating and reporting reserves in minutes instead of weeks.

Are You Able to Put the Data You Need at Your Fingertips?

Learn how we can help you spend less time finding data and more time improving the accuracy of your interpretation in this webinar recording presented by Halliburton senior project manager, JoDana Swanson.

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