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Is your knowledge of E&P Software up to date?

The Landmark webinar series connects you to the technology and experts that are delivering solutions for end-to-end E&P lifecycle management.

Sort by lifecycle discipline to find topics most relevant to you. Attend live to interact with the experts or view past webinars on demand.



Producing Asset Workflow

Learn a continuous integrated workflow in DecisionSpace® Geosciences that can help you fast track model updates so you can be more responsive as new information comes in, to address tough operational challenges.

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Accuracy in Reservoir Modeling Drives Development Cost Savings

Learn how Landmark’s reservoir management technology can help you gain accuracy in reservoir modeling and cost savings in field development planning with a reservoir simulator that puts advanced scientific innovation at your fingertips and supports end-to-end E&P lifecycle management.

There's a faster way to manage reserves!

Do you struggle with common Reserves Management challenges like disparate data, incomplete audit trails, and infrequent reporting? Brody Todd from Palantir Solutions and Adebola Adejumo from Halliburton Landmark discuss a joint offering for calculating and reporting reserves in minutes instead of weeks.

Are you able to put the data you need at your fingertips?

Learn how we can help you spend less time finding data and more time improving the accuracy of your interpretation in this webinar recording presented by Halliburton senior project manager, JoDana Swanson.

Automated Fault Interpretation

Learn how to apply automated geophysical interpretation methods that allow you to focus your limited time on the highest-value work.

DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep: Faster and More Accurate Subsurface Insight

Are you getting time to focus on the highest value work? Learn how DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep can help you focus on increasing subsurface insight in projects large and small.

Integrating Drilling Data with the Latest Engineering Applications: CasingWear™

Learn how the industry’s most advanced casing wear analysis is being used to improve well integrity and cost.

Integrating Drilling Data with the Latest Engineering Applications: WellPlan™

Learn about recent upgrades to the well engineering software used by over 90% of top global producers.

Are Your Permian Assets Reaching their Full Technical Potential?

Learn how Permian leaders are reliably identifying sweet spots, optimal well orientation and stimulation, and the improved completions and well spacing.

Building the Business Case for Production Improvement

Are you choosing the right production improvements—the ones that both lower your current costs and make you more competitive for the future?

Touring Learning Resources on iEnergy®

Watch our introduction to Landmark’s iEnergy online learning community. In it you can watch guides to the latest software, get access to self-service training and help documents, and take an online course to improve your knowledge.

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