Horizon and fault interpretation in DecisionSpace® Geosciences surpasses competitor technology in time savings for deepwater operator.


​Quickly understand the big picture.

Only by understanding petroleum systems on a basin scale is it possible to know whether sufficient hydrocarbons have filled potential traps with economically viable reserves. Landmark's complete petroleum systems modeling technology goes beyond classic structural analysis, enabling explorationists to evaluate oil and gas generation, migration and emplacement at every scale from well to reservoir to the entire basin. Mitigating your regional exploration risks and quickly high-grading your most prospective areas in deepwater environments will enable you to make the next big discovery.

Accurately image complex reservoirs.

Lacking extensive offset well data, deepwater operators rely on 3D seismic imaging to define subsurface structures and faults with sufficient accuracy to generate commercial prospects—especially in complex pre-salt and sub-salt plays. Landmark's suite of interactive processing and velocity modeling workflows, fully integrated prestack interpretation software, and seamless depth conversion solutions provide the high resolution you need to help reduce risk and drill the most challenging deepwater reservoirs with confidence.

Integrate data, collaborate more effectively.

Given today's technical resource constraints, it is imperative for E&P specialists to integrate all available data and collaborate more effectively across traditional silos. Using Landmark's seamlessly integrated, multidiscipline, and award-winning DecisionSpace® applications and industry-leading information management solutions, your deepwater team can save time and get more done with less by creating and dynamically updating increasingly detailed subsurface models of your asset from exploration through production.

Appraisal & Development

Model in-depth reservoir properties and fluid flow.

Model your assets in terms of facies, reservoir properties, and fluid flow using your established structural framework. Landmark's 3D earth modeling and reservoir simulation applications provide sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools to analyze and distribute rock and fluid properties. World-class geostatistics enable you to model complex data accurately. Our next-generation simulator predicts optimal production from your reservoir and facility development scenarios on average five times faster than other systems.

Accurately predict pore pressures.

Risk-prone drilling and completion hazards caused by abnormal pore pressure, fracture and overburden gradients can cost oil and gas companies millions of dollars every year. Deepwater asset teams need to be able to predict pore pressures accurately, as early as possible in the appraisal process, in order to plan and design wells appropriately. Our integrated pore pressure prediction and geomechanical analysis software provides the in-depth knowledge you need to drill deeper, faster, and safer, with fewer surprises and lower non-productive time.

Safely engineer extreme HP/HT wells.

In deepwater wells, high temperatures and corresponding high annular pressures require finely tuned well engineering and design to avoid costly casing and wellbore damage or disaster. Landmark provides a comprehensive, integrated suite of software tools for casing and tubular analysis, and well string operations to mitigate the risks. In complex HP/HT wells, calculate accurate downhole temperature and pressure profiles; design proper casing, BHAs, and cementing operations; and overcome extreme deepwater well engineering challenges.​

Development & Production

Plan complex fields, well paths and completions.

Effective deepwater field development plans must integrate complex reservoir targets with difficult well path trajectories while optimizing the enormous costs of deploying facilities to operate the field. Landmark's well planning software provides a powerful 3D environment for geoscientists and drilling engineers to collaborate and create better, safer plans much faster than before. Evaluate full field planning scenarios, generate precise targets, optimize platform positioning, and design well paths with relief well options using the industry's first, most robust automated relief well planning technology. Landmark's near-wellbore hydraulics simulator allows you to design intelligent completions that better manage flow and increase production.

Boost operational efficiency in real time.

Deepwater well construction involves high risk and requires acute operational efficiency to ensure safety and optimize the use of expensive drilling equipment and services. Landmark's real-time data monitoring, aggregation, reporting and analysis solutions link rig to office to provide 24x7 operational awareness. They provide timely and actionable information to help you drill more safely and rapidly, minimize non-productive time, and lower overall well construction costs. Our integrated governance, risk and compliance management software documents your well construction workflows, tracks execution, and creates an in-depth audit trail. Standardize best practices across your organization and streamline the compliance process.

Automate workflows, optimize production.

To maximize deepwater asset performance and achieve superior return on investment, operations engineers constantly strive to eliminate waste, drive down costs, increase uptime, and hit critical production targets. Our unique production optimization platform employs patented technology to integrate Landmark, third-party and in-house applications, models, data and analyses. You can design and automate workflows across engineering and production disciplines, embed best practices, and leverage limited resources more efficiently.​

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