Speaker | Eric Moto, Technical Advisor for Drilling

Eric Moto is a Technical Advisor for Drilling at Halliburton-Landmark. He is responsible for driving the Landmark well-construction solution to enable operators to achieve optimal technical, operational, and economic performance across the well construction lifecycle. He holds a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Pau (France), and an engineering degree in Drilling: Oil and Gas from the Mining Institute of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Eric has more than nine years’ experience with a focus in drilling and completion. He has worked as a drilling engineer and drilling consultant, and has designed and contributed to technical development projects and management in drilling operations.


  • Learn how to develop safe and high-quality well completion designs for extreme downhole conditions.
  • See how to calculate accurate downhole temperature and pressure profiles.
  • Analyze static, thermal and pressure wellhead loading conditions induced during the life of the well. ​


  • Drilling and completion engineers
  • Drilling and completion managers
  • Well integrity engineers/advisors
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Project Engineers
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