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We will use the Zambezi Delta, offshore Mozambique, to demonstrate how an incomplete regional dataset can be used in the initial exploration and appraisal stage of the petroleum lifecycle. This is possible with the aid of different information management tools such as an integrated server to transfer data between applications and teams. In addition, automatic updates, sequence stratigraphy and multi-user interpretations are some of the other ways that we can manage the data and facilitate the exploration workflow.

In today’s market, more than ever before, efficient workflows are required in order to allow geoscientists to easily integrate and analyze data. Arriving at a fully integrated basin model requires several stages of data integration, one of which is the generation of a structural framework.

Dynamic Frameworks to Fill® workflow is an interactive capability that can quickly and effectively unlock value by integrating numerous data types and allowing the geoscientists to predict from data and provide valuable insights into risk and uncertainty across the whole area of interest.

Speaker | Alice Butt, Geoscientist, Halliburton Landmark

Alice Butt is a geoscientist at Halliburton Landmark, coming from Neftex through its acquisition by Landmark in 2014. She has worked on various regional stratigraphic modelling projects for the Sub Saharan Africa, South America and Europe teams, covering both the data management and geoscience interpretation roles. She now uses this expertise in the software to improve and enhance functionality as part of the R&D team. Alice holds a master of science degree in Geology from the University of Bristol, and has worked as a geoscientist for 5 years.

Speaker | Gina Craciun, Geoscientist, Halliburton Landmark

Gina Craciun is a geoscientist at Halliburton Landmark, since 2009 she has held various roles including customer support analyst for the G&G software suites, onsite consultant for a major oil and gas operator, and most recently regional senior technical consultant for the Eurasia/Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Halliburton Landmark. Before joining Landmark, Gina worked for over 10 years as a seismic data processor responsible for 2D, 3D, 4D land and marine projects. She holds a BSc in Geophysics and MSc in Geology from University of Bucharest, Romania and University of Hamburg, Germany.


  • Follow a workflow that can provide insight into the petroleum system in data-sparse areas.
  • See how tools within DecisionSpace® Geosciences facilitate collaboration and data management as the model evolves.
  • Discover the ease of data transfer using the integration server. ​


  • Exploration geoscientists
  • Data managers
  • Exploration managers and vice presidents
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