Speaker | Dr. Jeffrey Yarus, Halliburton Technology Fellow for Landmark

Dr. Jeffrey Yarus is a Halliburton Technology Fellow for Landmark with over 41 years of industry experience. His specific areas of thought leadership include earth modeling and geostatistics, and he is the principal lead for the DecisionSpace® Earth Modeling module. Early in his career, Dr. Yarus enjoyed the opportunity to work with a number of major oil companies and technology service companies, including Amoco, Marathon, Beicip-Franlab, and Roxar. In 2001, he helped found a consulting company, Quantitative Geosciences (QGSI), specializing in applied earth modeling. The QGSI staff, along with Dr. Yarus, joined Landmark Graphics Corporation in 2006 to build an earth modeling software product; today a core module on the DecisionSpace® Geosciences solution suite.

Dr. Yarus earned his PhD and master’s degree in geology from the University of South Carolina and his bachelor’s degree in geology from the College of Wooster. He served as chair of a number of AAPG’s committees including the Computer Applications, Publications and Reservoir Development committees. He has authored many papers and abstracts on reservoir modeling and geostatistics, including AAPG volumes on stochastic modeling and geostatistics, the chapter on reservoir characterization and geostatistics and the SPE Petroleum Engineering Handbook, Volume VI. An acknowledged lecturer and author in the industry, Dr. Yarus earned the distinction of 14-year Adjunct Faculty Member for the University of Houston’s Department of Petroleum Engineering and Contributing Editor of the Stochastic Modeling volumes in AAPG’s Computer Applications Series.

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