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Redevelopment of mature oil fields has become increasingly important in Ecuador and worldwide. This webinar describes the compelling results of the integration of disciplines in the Palo Azul mature field. Here, leading-edge techniques were applied to develop high-definition static and dynamic models, change and update previous interpretations, and improve understanding and characterization of the Hollin reservoir for estimation of remaining reserves.

The static model was critical in providing more meaningful structural information, opening up adjoining areas, and identifying new pay horizons and bypassed reserves. Based on the integrated work between the geology and the reservoir engineering teams, a robust, more reliable dynamic model of a challenging bottom water drive reservoir was developed, to better understand and represent the fluid behavior of the Hollin formation.

The results of the study where used to estimate the current status and potential of the field, identifying new prospective zones, unraveling bypassed reserves and optimizing the field development strategies. A successful drilling campaign was performed shortly after the end of the study. Based on the recommendations given by the team, five new wells were drilled in the northern area of Palo Azul providing more than 5,000 BOPD of incremental production in this mature field.

Speaker | Juan Carlos Sandoval, IGAPO Reservoir Simulation consultant, Halliburton Consulting

Juan Carlos Sandoval is a Reservoir Simulation consultant working for the IGAPO project in Ecuador. He holds a B.A in petroleum engineering from the Universidad Central del Ecuador. He has five years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for Halliburton Consulting on multidisciplinary projects involving productivity analysis, reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation and field development planning.


  • Learn techniques that can help you increase production in mature fields.
  • Discover how the use of a static model was critical in identifying new pay zones and bypassed reserves.
  • Understand how the collaborative efforts between geologists and reservoir engineers led to establishing a more reliable field history. ​


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  • Reservoir engineering manager
  • Production engineering manager
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