High Resolution Models Derived from Landmark

The ability to characterize a reservoir’s physical make-up in real time while accurately understanding reservoir potential and uncertainty remains a primary priority for E&P operators’ efforts to develop and understand reserve replacement strategies.

Solve Deepwater & Heavy Oil Design Problems

In deep water, high temperature and high annular pressure can cause casing strings to burst or collapse. To mitigate these risks, operators use diverse pressure mitigation devices including rupture disk, syntactic foam and even use vacuum-insulated tubing (VIT). VIT is used in heavy-oil production scenarios to help maintain lower viscosity levels in steam flooding, "huff and puff," and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects. This reduces the need for artificial lift techniques and increasing total ultimate recovery. Using WELLCAT casing design software, model thermal flow and perform stress analysis of VIT to mitigate the risks of annular pressure buildup, cold startups, and heavy-oil production when using the latest VIT systems.

Model Steam Injection

WELLCAT software can model multiple steam circulation-injection scenarios in single tube circulation. These include circulation and reverse circulation, injection through tubing, injection down the tubing annulus, and simultaneous injection through both tubing and annulus. The modeling handles super-heated steam or saturated steam with a given quality. The technology uses the rigorous PVT model for steam and water developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Share Results

All the results and analyses performed in WELLCAT software are stored in Landmark Engineer's Data Model™ (EDM™) database, the most widely-used database for drilling and completions applications in the world. The data is available across the Landmark suite of drilling applications for other specific drilling, casing, or costing analysis.

Meet Every Casing & Tubing Design Challenge

  • WELLCAT software is a comprehensive and modular suite of applications that work together to address a wide variety of casing and tubing challenges.
  • Drill Design – simulate fluid flow and heat transfer during drilling operations, for full transient analysis.
  • Casing Design – analyze single casing loads and buckling behavior under complex mechanical, fluid pressure, and thermal-loading conditions. Analyses may be performed in conjunction with the Drill Design and Prod Design modules (including tubingless configurations).
  • Prod Design – simulate fluid flow and heat transfer during completion, production, stimulation, testing, and well-servicing operations.
  • Tube Design – analyze tubing loads and movements, buckling behavior, and design integrity under complex mechanical, fluid-pressure, and thermal-loading conditions.
  • Multi-string Design – predict pressure and volume changes due to annular pressure buildup (APB) when the well system heats up as a result of production operations or the injection of hot fluids into the well.
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