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DecisionSpace® Unconventionals

Introducing the industry’s first comprehensive suite of geoscience, reservoir, drilling, production and economics applications delivered on a single platform, optimized for managing the lifecycle of unconventional resources.

Shale productivity challenges

Unconventionals continue to be a global strategic resource actively exploited by E&P companies facing common shale productivity challenges. The following are key requirements to achieve cost-effective hydrocarbon reserves recovery and ongoing high levels of production from these operationally intensive shale plays:

  • Production optimization and tight cost control
  • Drilling long horizontal wells and fracture stimulation to maximize production
  • Modeling of natural fractures
  • Sophisticated statistical analytics to target productive zones, or sweet spots
  • Multi-year drilling programs to mitigate rapid decline rates and sustain production volumes
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration and data sharing, instead of traditional silo-based work practices

Step-change in Workflows, Processes & Decision-making

To meet such challenges and successfully optimize unconventional reservoir performance throughout the entire asset lifecycle, a step-change is needed - encompassing integrated workflows, seamless business processes and faster decisions. DecisionSpace® Unconventionals helps reduce uncertainty through improved characterization of the reservoir, leading to better informed decisions on wells and completions, which in turn helps lead to more reliable production forecasts. Landmark solution makes it possible with a suite of applications specifically designed to help:

  • Improve cost/BOE
  • Enhance frac performance
  • Increase recovery
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty

Unconventionals Management Integrated Workflow

Unconventionals management to drive optimal reservoir performance
using integrated workflows and technology
(click to view integrated workflow)

DecisionSpace Unconventionals Infographic
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Unique, innovative and purpose-built solution

DecisionSpace Unconventionals offers a unique, innovative and purpose-built solution to help improve the performance of your particularly challenging unconventional assets in every stage of their lifecycle (Exploration| ReservoirDrilling | Production | Petroleum InvestmentInformation Management). Its Big Data analytical tools deliver more accurate insights into sweet spot identification. Natural fracture network modeling gives precise understanding of the complex geometry of the reservoir subsurface fracture network. Fracture performance simulation delivers enhanced asset productivity, to help you optimize well location and completion strategies, and maximize production in the presence of natural and induced fractures.

Powerful solution components

DecisionSpace® Unconventionals MVA

Multivariate Data Analysis

DecisionSpace® Unconventionals contains Big Data Analytics tools widely successful for solving difficult problems in other industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical and the stock market. Analytical tools, like Multivariate Data Analysis, help geoscientists and engineers better understand sweet spots via next generation approaches. It allows you to assess and classify data, reduce the number of variables to create new attributes for all the input data and identify the most relevant data to make more reliable predictions.


  • Easily and effectively combine multiple independent variables to create a “super variable” representing a key indicator of interest, such as reservoir “quality index” through multivariate data analysis methods
  • Condense key information from the input data to help identify reservoir sweet spots
  • Visualize results in maps, 3D grids or cross sections to aid the asset team in planning their next wells

DecisionSpace® Unconventionals Natural Fracture Network

DecisionSpace® Natural Fracture Network

DecisionSpace Natural Fracture Network utilizes your image log interpretation data for natural fracture modeling. To make the best use of available data, secondary data such as seismic attributes can also guide fracture distribution.


  • 3D modeling of natural fractures
  • Honors observed data and statistics
  • Helps optimize well orientation and placement
  • Simultaneously incorporates both hard and soft data
  • Supports curved fracture planes
  • Directly integrates with DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity workflows

DecisionSpace Natural Fracture Network »

DecisionSpace® Unconventionals  Fracture Productivity

DecisionSpace® Fracture Productivity

DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity helps you to predict well production performance and reservoir behavior from a thorough understanding of:

  • Interaction between pre-existing natural fractures and hydraulic fractures induced by the fracing process
  • How the wells and fractures interact with each other


  • Customized simulation product with easy-to-use interface
  • Unstructured gridding for very fine detail around fractures
  • Helps drive up asset productivity by enabling workflows that support:
    • Estimates of optimum well spacing – when used as a field planning tool
    • Completion optimization – by quantifying the effect of changing fracture treatment parameters on well productivity
    • Modeling complex processes including miscible injection, diffusion transport, choke management, and well scheduling
  • Adapts to your situation by incorporating:
    • 3D earth model
    • Auto-generated 2.5D unstructured grid when 3D earth model unavailable

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