Regional Geological Synthesis

  • Provides a thorough understanding of the tectonostratigraphy of petroliferous basins worldwide to assist your early phase exploration activities
  • Multi-disciplinary data is interpreted with our sequence stratigraphic and geodynamic models for a coherent and integrated understanding of regional geology
  • Access to tectonic element maps, chronostratigraphic charts, gross depositional environment maps, play cross sections and more
  • The most comprehensive suite of regional-scale exploration insights available to the industry
  • Delivered via our online intuitive web mapper application   


  • The essential index for geoscience publications vital for resource exploration
  • A clear audit trail from our interpretations to the original sources of information
  • Over 200,000 indexed articles
  • Quick links to publisher websites
  • A comprehensive, filterable search engine       

Stratigraphic Analysis

  • A framework for interpretation of your own proprietary information
  • Enables precise correlation within, and between, sedimentary basins worldwide
  • Search and interrogate our vast global library of well and outcrop data
  • Consistently structured data interpreted within our proprietary sequence stratigraphic model

Plate Tectonic Framework

  • Harness the power of plate modeling for insight into the presence and effectiveness of petroleum systems
  • Access our comprehensive and industry-leading geodynamic model to reconstruct geological datasets
  • Run reconstructions at 1 million year intervals from the latest Precambrian through all of Phanerozoic geological time (595 Ma to present)
  • Includes global, palinspastically restored gross depositional environment and paleo-digital elevation maps for 52 key time slices
  • A wealth of additional content including supporting information, online documentation, key geodynamic features and modelled consumed oceanic crust
  • Use in our QuickPlates® application, PaleoGIS™ or GPlates

Hard-rock Geology

  • Rapidly enhance your understanding of the regional tectonic evolution of your area of interest, whether you’re exploring for hydrocarbons or minerals
  • Access integrated mineral deposit and geochronology data that you can apply to your project generation workflows to help reduce risk and uncertainty
  • Compiled and continually updated from hundreds of publications from all over the world
  • Access and interrogate our databases through an intuitive web mapper application   

Biostratigraphic Calibration

  • Tools to help the specialist and non-specialist get a head start in biostratigraphic correlation
  • A single-source for published biostratigraphic schemes, vetted by world-class experts
  • Use our web-app to rapidly build dynamic charts of expertly calibrated biostratigraphy data across all major microfossil, macrofossil and palynology groups for the Phanerozoic
  • Search and discover the stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental distribution of key species in our online Species Dictionary
  • Compatible for use with TimeScale Creator Pro and StrataBugs   
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