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DecisionSpace® 365, is a Cloud-based, subscription service for E&P applications to empower you to be creative and help realize your objectives. It’s a sure way to meet your business goals and transformation outcomes while reducing total cost of ownership. You have choice and flexibility in both the pace and direction of your digital transformation journey … Exercise it with DecisionSpace 365.

Two years ago, when Landmark launched DecisionSpace 365 with Geosciences, Well Construction, and Production applications, most customers were still on the fence and skeptical about cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to manage their E&P workloads. I am heartened by the transformation the E&P industry is on today and how the industry is embracing the cloud. We don’t see companies sitting on the fence anymore … cloud is a key tenant of their business strategy.

At the Landmark Innovation Forum and Expo (LIFE) in August 2019, we introduced 10 new intelligent DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications – Seismic Engine, Scalable Earth Modeling, Assisted Lithology Interpretation, Full Scale Asset Simulation, Digital Field Solver™, Well Feasibility and Detailed Design, Real-Time Edge, Real Time Engineering, Data Foundation, and Integration Foundation.

Now, in January 2020, there are over a dozen SaaS applications as part of DecisionSpace 365 covering the entire E&P lifecycle – Exploration and Reservoir Development, Well Construction, Production, Petroleum Investments, and Information Management with more on the way.

DecisionSpace® 365 powered by iEnergy®

DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications are built on the principles of open architecture and enable seamless integration to a customer’s existing applications and data. Seamless integration and plug and play capability allows organizations to quickly put optimized and transformational workflows in the hands of their end users. They can continue to leverage their existing applications of choice in a fully integrated workflow environment while adding transformational, intelligent, cloud applications and services that are part of DecisionSpace 365.

DecisionSpace 365 is powered by iEnergy® - the E&P industry’s first hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate, and manage E&P applications. iEnergy offers a comprehensive set of pay as you go cloud subscription services and excellent user experience that empowers customers to focus on their core business. iEnergy Cloud is a SOC 2 compliant secure cloud that uses established, best of breed practices, tooling, and systems to maintain system integrity. It is a fully managed E&P cloud service that provides 24X7 operations for continuous cost and performance optimization including monitoring, cost and performance optimization, backup and recovery, scheduled maintenance, continuous patching, and fast software update cycles.

DecisionSpace® 365 and OSDU

A true hybrid cloud deployment for E&P must be designed and engineered to:

  1. Support and connect well site, remote offices, locations and operations centers, and corporate offices alike.

  2. Connect with and support on-premise applications and data.

  3. Support private cloud, virtual private cloud, and public cloud. Any company should be able to move their workloads between these environments easily. Furthermore, it should provide the capability to run applications and be supported as a fully managed service on a customer’s own cloud subscription.

With over 100 successful deployments globally, iEnergy® Hybrid Cloud is the only E&P cloud that is designed and engineered to satisfy these needs of E&P customers and their workloads and workflows.

DecisionSpace 365 is compatible with OSDU V1, the current released version of OSDU. As new versions of OSDU are released in the future, all of the DecisionSpace 365 applications will be compatible with and run on top of OSDU. DecisionSpace 365 uses and runs on all available and relevant data from OSDU and as OSDU data coverage matures it will use more of the data and services from OSDU. The architecture of the applications ensure that as changes happen in OSDU, and its data coverage matures, workflows and applications are not impacted. Nor will customers have to wait for a particular version of OSDU to take advantage of the DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications.

DecisionSpace® 365 and OSDU

For companies that will implement, run and manage OSDU in their own cloud subscription, DecisionSpace 365 can run on a customer’s own cloud subscription. This is a capability we designed and released along with Microsoft to enable customers to co-locate the DecisionSpace 365 capabilities alongside the rest of their data and digital portfolio, including their OSDU implementation. It can also enable customers to take advantage of their corporate Microsoft Azure agreements.

You don’t need to wait - the time to act and take advantage of these intelligent cloud applications, and accelerate your digital transformation journey, is NOW.

Author: Chandra Yeleshwarapu
Senior Director of Customer Experience and Digital

Chandra Yeleshwarapu
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