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DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep

DecisionSpace® Geosciences 10ep delivers an end-to-end suite of geoscience, well planning, and geosteering solutions created to deliver one overriding concept: Collaboration by Design. DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep is founded on building a single subsurface representation that enables all geoscientists to contribute to a shared understanding of the subsurface structure and properties.

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Unconventionals Technology

Unconventional reservoir management technology ahead of the rest.

Introducing the industry’s first comprehensive suite of geoscience, reservoir, drilling, production and economics applications delivered on a single platform, optimized for managing the lifecycle of unconventional resources

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DecisionSpace® Petrophysics

Landmark’s DecisionSpace® Petrophysics offers the industry’s first comprehensive petrophysical solution, from acquisition to reservoir characterization on the DecisionSpace® Enterprise E&P platform.

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E&P Cloud

With Landmark Earth, you can access your integrated data and computing resources from anywhere at any time. From a remote regional office to corporate enterprise, Landmark Earth enables you to spend more time focused on your business strategy and less time on technology implementation and upgrades. ​

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Asset development involves the continuous management of uncertainty. One of every four projects, for example, experiences a reserves downgrade of at least 20% over its life. Development plans are sub-optimal as soon as they are made because technical knowledge, operational efficiency, and commercial conditions are always changing. Landmark’s Petroleum Investment Lifecycle Solution helps companies better manage risk for enhanced returns.

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Exploration Insights

Exploration Insights delivers an unparalleled global view of Earth’s tectonostratigraphic history and associated resource potential. Our unique solutions deliver detailed insight on the regional geology and petroleum systems of every prospective basin on the planet, providing the critical tools for New Ventures exploration.

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Develop know-how quickly and independently. A full-spectrum of on-demand, self-service and self-paced content helps users build skills and knowledge using the learning tools of their choice, including “how-to” tutorials, demonstration videos, help files, FAQs, and technical documentation. eLearning content is accessible from any browser, on any device, or directly from Landmark software applications.

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