Neftex® Insights

Gain data, knowledge and insight to better understand geological risk. 
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Analyze, interpret, and model large and complex data volumes more accurately.
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Refine fluid and casing plans and fracture design for drilling performance and safety.
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Industry’s first comprehensive petrophysical solution, from acquisition to reservoir characterization on the DecisionSpace® Enterprise E&P platform.

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Reservoir Management

Better understand reservoir dynamics, performance, risk and uncertainty.
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Well Construction

Plan and optimize wells and fields to drill deeper, farther, and more efficiently.
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Integrate asset modeling of reservoir and facility network analysis to optimize production.
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Manage economic risk throughout the life of the asset to maximize NPV.
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Information Management

Manage data from acquisition to decision through a common, open platform.
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Enterprise Platform

Built on industry standard components already in use by many companies, the multi-tiered DecisionSpace Platform quickly integrates applications and databases across the organization.

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