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Smart Transform for unconventionals helps deliver the full business value of integrated subsurface and petroleum engineering workflows that are specifically designed to meet the challenges of unconventional reservoirs.

In unconventional assets, Landmark helps exploration and appraisal teams

  • Assess the commercial viability of new ventures
  • Select the best target areas
  • Lower finding and development costs
  • Plan to access the reservoir in the sweetest spots
  • Model natural fracture networks

…ultimately driving organic reserves replacement with economical exploration success.

DecisionSpace® Unconventionals offers a unique, innovative and purpose-built solution to help improve the performance of your particularly challenging unconventional assets in every stage of their lifecycle

The following packaged services use the Smart Transform methodology to help companies take full advantage of the power of DecisionSpace® Unconventionals.

Smart Vision℠ for DecisionSpace® Unconventionals

- Description: Generate a portfolio of geoscience workflow opportunities that could have the biggest impact on your unconventional asset. Develop a roadmap for how to implement them by prioritizing quick wins and the highest potential return on investment

- Deliverables: Report on current state of technology - Report on future state vision - Business case - Technology plan

- Duration: 1 week, including a 2 day client workshop    

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