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Meet Shashank Panchangam

Meet Shashank. Product Manager, Sr. Industry Solutions Advisor, for Halliburton Landmark. Daily, he uses his unique background to have a dialog between R&D, Services and Sales. Before coming to Landmark,Shashank was winning matches across the US with his league level cricket skills. This means he is not only a team leader but understands the value of being team player. Our industry changes at warp speed, that’s why he wants everyone to harness the effectiveness and power of iEnergy. This is THE place to learn, connect and have an open conversation in an easy to use platform when it’s needed most. This is Shashank. He is iEnergy.

Industry Associations Elect Landmark Technical Experts to their Boards

Shashank Panchangam, senior industry solutions advisor, was elected to the board of the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association at its 2016 Calgary Data Management Symposium.

Facing Up To New Realities

The application of digital technologies has  been a part of everyday working life for many years and are an essential part of the Exploration and Production (E&P) Industry. However, the low oil prices we are experiencing as part of this unprecedented downturn has forced operators to do more, with less.

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Production challenges are increasingly being handled through advanced completion strings.

Combining geostatistical reservoir modeling with classical basin modeling techniques helps predict sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs.

Landmark has introduced the industry's first and only truly collaborative dynamic framework, which provides a multi-user environment.