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Seismic Data Management

The E&P Industry has been handling “big data” for a number of years in the form of seismic data. Data size and volumes are growing as data is acquired and reprocessed for different types of use. Improved seismic processing methods can generate new insights out of old data so finding and managing field and prestack data is critical. Due to the size and cost of disk space, many companies opted to store seismic data on tapes that were difficult to maintain and often lost. Tiered and cloud storage offers new and cost effective ways of managing large seismic datasets and web based viewers and administration tools make is easier to find and manage data from anywhere in the world.  

Landmark provides a full seismic data management solution that leverages multi-tier data storage to maintain valuable seismic data while minimize costs.

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Seismic Storage & Management

Companies who require a seismic data management system will find Landmark Seismic Master Database is the right solution for managing all phases of seismic data from field and prestack to processed data. Documents associated with the digital data can be stored and referenced providing valuable information for data manager and end users. Seismic data is complex and requires special handling when downloading data to be used by technical end users. Large surveys often cover multiple project areas and may need to be clipped based on data entitlement. Whether implemented at a single company or as a multi-client National Data Repository, the database was built to handle complex security and entitlements of the online and offline data.

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Data & Application Integration

A key advantage of Landmark Seismic Data Management solution is an integrated web-based data viewing and management interface that can be used by end users or data managers.  Powered by DecisionSpace Integration Server, the tools needed to connect databases, visualize data and automate workflows are available. Seismic data loading and validation is automated reducing time needed to load data while ensuring data governance policies are enforced. Database connectors and visualization created in the DecisionSpace Integration Server can be leverage across all domains so data can be viewed and edited in context with other data bases.

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Information Management Services

Managing seismic data requires more than the right software. It requires an understanding of the physical and digital seismic data for both legacy and new data. Landmark can provide onsite consultants to work with your existing staff to load and QC data, provide system optimization and support. In addition, we can provide full operation support through a cloud deployed model either in a secure Landmark hosting facility or on a public cloud. Our experience with planning, deploying and operating these implementations has given us best practices that we translate to every engagement. We realize that every situation creates unique challenges and we work with the stakeholders to identify a solution that is tailored to meet specific needs.

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