National oil company achieves improved collaboration and integrated G&G workflows with DecisionSpace® Geosciences


Clean up seismic images

SeisSpace ProMAX software makes it easy to remove noise in both new and old surveys. With new processing and parallelization techniques and a suite of interactive full wave 3D noise suppression tools, eliminate noise nondestructively to deliver precision data. Using the depth imaging suite, generate focused images in even the most complex geologic regions.

Optimize throughput with parallel processing

With parallel processing and modern HPC infrastructure, it’s easy to build, execute and manage multiple processing flows in a production processing environment. Read and write to the same dataset at the same time to optimize thro​​ughput across multiple nodes.

Streamline processor-interpreter collaboration

Processors using SeisSpace ProMAX software can easily collaborate with interpreters using the DecisionSpace®​ Geosciences suite, giving asset teams a better understanding of data amplitudes and structural seismic images while reducing reprocessing bottlenecks. .

See data in 3D

Using the software's unique visualization tools, processors can navigate through data in 3D while interactively applying and evaluating the effects of various processing flows.

Integrate algorithms for the best fit

SeisSpace ProMAX software includes robust prestack and poststack time and depth imaging algorithms. With the software's built-in development kit, easily integrate proprietary processing algorithms in the SeisSpace processing environment to create customized workflows .

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