Marginally productive reservoir is now a star performer on Wall Street thanks to DecisionSpace® software.

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Landmark Reservoir Solutions Suite enables your asset team to share a consistent and comprehensive view of the reservoir as the basis for collaboration and decision making. Our Earth Modeling and Reservoir Simulation solutions integrate data from a wide variety of sources into a single collaborative environment that keeps everyone up to date with accurate information, so asset teams can quickly make the critical decisions to help maximize long term asset value.

Earth Modeling

One of the many challenges facing the E&P industry is a need to better understand and have the most accurate information regarding an assets potential and its uncertainty. The value of this information lies in that it provides the necessary reserve estimates vital for strategic planning of downstream field development and production activities.

Landmark Earth Modeling Solution provides an intuitive and flexible approach to understanding reservoir potential and uncertainty, integrating upstream G&G data to create a static 3D earth model that can be leveraged for a range of critical downstream activities such as flow or basin simulation, well planning, stimulation, and risk analysis.

  • Increase knowledge of asset potential by assimilating upstream G&G data
  • Use increased knowledge to mitigate risk around the uncertainty in reserve estimate predictions

Landmark Earth Modeling Solution accurately models integrated data for any type reservoir, allowing you to be well-equipped to make key asset decisions from well planning and production to reserve estimates.

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Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir engineers need to find optimal development strategies while planning and forecasting expected production from implementation of the best plan, while minimizing decision time. This allows better understanding of the short and long term implications on those strategies. Landmark Reservoir Simulation Solutions Suite is designed for the reservoir engineer to accurately and efficiently assess the deliverability of hydrocarbons from one or more reservoirs to the point of sale.

  • Improve field development and planning strategies
  • Increase asset team productivity with faster time to decision
  • Reduce uncertainty in future asset production predictions.

For single or complex multi-reservoir field, Landmark Reservoir Simulation Solutions has been able to radically reduces time-to-decision by up to 30% or more, using fast, robust, and scalable simulation workflows that include sensitivity, uncertainty, and optimization studies to help you better evaluate and refine development strategies, validate plans, and accurately forecast production.

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