Verify data quickly, extensively, confidently

Recall Raven provides high quality, corporate-approved borehole data swiftly to interpreters, which accelerates geoscience interpretations with better quality and lower risk.

Automating data QC

When used in conjunction with the DecisionSpace® Integration Server Dropsite module, Raven checks and records data quality as part of an automated workflow.  Data rules can be captured from subject matter experts and used as part of the data loading and verification stage.

Tests values thoroughly

The Raven package Conventions Verifications module tests values of attributes populated in the Recall Borehole database. Standardization of naming conventions for logs and curves, validity of mandatory values, a review of the totality of your data sets and more are examined, tested and verified. 

Seeks out the unexpected and the inappropriate

The Raven Bulk Data Verification module systematically searches borehole data for anomalies, such as variances generated by a data acquisition system, or for poorly formulated data from an outside source. Analyses include verification of data units and ranges, identification of invalid data caused by data gaps, and detection of unexpected tool responses.

Fast feedback enables rapid response

A Raven module, the Raven Q1 Interactive Display, allows management and technical staffs to quickly assess tests results and determine which modifications should be made, giving you total control over your borehole data management.

Built-in flexibility to meet your specific needs

Recall Raven software performs extensive investigations into data loaded into Recall databases and rule-based evaluations of data quality and metrics. Verification models can be installed as a workflow tool for new data loaded to the Recall Borehole package or as a validation tool for data previously published to your corporate databases. The Raven package is completely configurable through the Recall Data Dictionary function, enabling you to select and tailor tests that are relevant to your data-quality strategy.

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