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Project Data Management

Managing project and operational data presents special challenges for users and data managers.  Data is changed frequently and duplicated numerous times as it is used.  The amount of applications found at most companies increases the risk of poor quality and incomplete data as it is moved between applications and data stores.  Companies are challenged with providing technical end users with the most complete and accurate data while making sense of the complexity that project and operations data brings.

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Built to integrate with your unique environment.

Landmark solves customer challenges with the most comprehensive Information Management portfolio in the industry.  Our solutions are designed to integrate with a company’s diverse application portfolio through a common, open platform.

Team Collaboration

True collaboration is enabled when team members view and access the same data at the same time allowing them to instantaneously share information, insights, and interpretations across locations.  Data being updated in a single location dramatically improves the quality of interpretation results while eliminating data duplication and the risk of not having the latest data or the full insight of the team. 

Geoscience Data Management

Landmark provides solutions for companies of all sizes and technical complexity with a scalable architecture to meet their individual needs.  The complete DecisionSpace Geosciences solutions is available with reduced demand on hardware and a customer’s ability to handle complex installations through an light-weight database designed for the single user.  On the other end of the spectrum, large companies who need to support high-end solutions for the large data can deploy on Oracle Real Application Cluster (Oracle RAC) Environment and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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Drilling Operational Data Management

Landmark provides the industry's most comprehensive and proven well data management solution.  A single database for detailed operations and engineering workflows manages the broadest range of well data complete with robust data management tools and enterprise-grade security.  Engineers can realize valuable productivity gains during the well-planning process through a single data entry point for common information across drilling applications, allowing engineers to move from application to application during their workflow and to access the same data set.

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Data Quality

Rapid growth of E&P data makes it difficult for global organizations to maintain data quality and consistency across multiple repositories. Manual quality control (QC) is time consuming and often only performed at the master data level.  Landmark provides a complete suite of business rules-based tools to automate, diagnose and correct bad data in any repository—before it impacts user workflows or strategic decisions. Connections and data rules for Landmark databases are delivered with our tools.  Data verification and cleanup rules can be modified and additional rules can be added based by companies to meet their corporate standards.  Automated data QC jobs can be scheduled to run periodically on project and operational databases to maintain the quality of key data types that are critical for end users.

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Data and Application Integration

DecisionSpace® Platform provides a comprehensive solution for integrating applications and data across a broad spectrum of technology.  Proprietary applications or those from other vendors can be integrated into the workflow to provide users with the technology they need.  Coordinate reference system and unit align is available to ensure data moves smoothly and accurately between applications with a minimum of effort.

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Information Management Services

Landmark provides solutions to manage data throughout the project lifecycle—from asset appraisal to mature field recovery – ensuring stakeholders have the right data at the right time, and get the best return on their investment. Landmark's data management solutions, based on our vendor-neutral DecisionSpace® Platform, help you provide timely, accurate and consistent information across the entire organization. Whether for exploration, drilling, engineering, or production, choose the specialized applications that best suit your needs and connect them using the DecisionSpace® Platform.

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