High Resolution Models Derived from Landmark

The ability to characterize a reservoir’s physical compostion in real time while accurately understanding reservoir potential and uncertainty remains a priority for E&P operators’ efforts to develop and understand reserve replacement strategies.

Built on an Enterprise Platform for Integration

Allocation is a fundamental component in any production operation. It is connected to many sources of input and allocation results are used in departments throughout a producing company. As a part of an enterprise platform, DecisionSpace Production Allocation software can be linked to any other platform component from databases to models to workflows bringing its users unique capabilities and benefits.

Fast, Powerful Allocation

DecisionSpace Production Allocation software provides a fast, powerful, flexible calculation engine designed to address the industry's allocation challenges. The software supports custom equations and formulae, configurable product and disposition types, multi-tier, multi-zone, and plant allocations, along with version control to support delivery system changes.

Connect to all Relevant Data

Allocation data is stored in different databases, in different forms, from different vendors, and with different data models. This makes it tough to ensure the data is extracted, transformed, and loaded correctly and quickly. DecisionSpace Production Allocation software leverages proven data management capabilities to provide the data quickly whenever it is needed. Its best-in-class approach allows users to quickly access and visualize data across the enterprise, and act on what they find.

Experience a Consistent Look & Feel

DecisionSpace Production Allocation software has an intuitive user interface. It is the industry's first allocation solution with a unified look and feel across the entire allocation work process. This seamless user experience reduces the learning curve for team members and improves productivity.

Handle Special Situations Effortlessly

Production environments grow and change daily. Look to Landmark's open, integrated software environment to quickly adapt to unique situations and deliver consistent, timely results.

Manage & Store Data

Our vendor-neutral, PPDM-based data repository provides a single, global data environment for users across the enterprise. Standard data storage allows teams to share knowledge and manage information efficiently for better, faster reporting and decision-making.

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