Play Analysis

  • Gain new play ideas for exploring mature, frontier and unconventional provinces
  • Identify appropriate global analogues
  • Enhance you understanding of the key risks for each petroleum systems element within a play
  • Access our PlayFinder application, an interactive, cloud hosted application linked to our global database of proven, analogue and frontier play concepts
  • Plays are linked to an extensive, searchable repository of proven hydrocarbon accumulations
  • Visualize and interrogate the database within a dynamic and intuitive dashboard   

Organic Geochemistry

  • Understand the distribution, quality and maturity of proven and potential source rocks for conventional and unconventional play analysis
  • Access an extensive global database of organic geochemistry information for proven and potential source rocks and produced fluids
  • Data cover all key geochemical parameters used in exploration
  • Data are spatially located and temporally sequenced for greater confidence and higher resolution interpretation
  • Available via our intuitive web mapper application       

Rock Properties

  • Gain detailed insight into the presence, character and quality of proven and potential reservoirs and seals
  • Place quantitative constraints on these key play elements to help reduce uncertainty and subsurface risk
  • Utilize our extensive global library of rock properties data
  • Data are spatially located and temporally sequenced to allow for rapid assessment of the interval of interest
  • Available via our intuitive web mapper application   

Depth Analysis

  • Rapidly assess sedimentary basins, depositional systems and burial potential for essential play analysis on a regional scale   
  • Access globally consistent, ready-to-use regional-scale structure depth models for key stratigraphic horizons   
  • Constrained by a wide variety of data, including structural sections, wells, seismic lines, gravity/magnetic surveys, isopach and depth structure maps   
  • Integrate your proprietary data for a regionally-constrained view on opportunities   
  • Delivered in DecisionSpace® software and GIS formats   

Basin Modelling

  • Gain new understanding of key parameters effecting prospectivity, including burial history, thermal history, hydrocarbon generation, migration and trap formation
  • Access a series of 1D basin models, covering key frontier plays and important wells across the globe
  • These leverage our geoscience content alongside the powerful capabilities of basin modelling software Permedia®
  • The data used in our models is also supplied, ready to be incorporated in further models, meaning proprietary data can be readily integrated   
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