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Petroleum Investment Lifecycle Management

Keep your focus on shareholder return by managing the value of your oil and gas investments as technical, operational, and economic factors continually change.

How? It starts with asking the right questions in your asset teams.

  • What production targets are current assets capable of meeting?
  • What resources must be spent in order for these targets to be met?
  • How frequently is your business unit’s portfolio plan updated?
  • What information about your assets informs the portfolio plan?
  • How quickly are you able to respond if changes are made to the plan?
  • How much is a particular potential asset worth to the portfolio?

Too often companies either don’t ask these important questions or don’t examine the answers together. They wind up setting goals that assets teams and the company overall cannot meet or control. When expectations are set with incomplete information and never recalibrated, economic risk increases and shareholder value frequently winds up destroyed.

Landmark is enabling more attentive and complete management of petroleum investments—from acquisition to divestiture or abandonment.

Overcoming Obstacles to Profitability in U.S. Shale

8 out of 10 upstream oil and gas projects overrun their CapEx budget by an average of 40%

-Research from The University of Warwick


Exploration Prospect Evaluation

Evaluate prospective assets more quickly with increased accuracy.

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Corporate Portfolio Planning

Respond faster to constantly changing market and technical dynamics. Plan and re-plan the management of your portfolio of assets using up-to-date insights.

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Reserves Management

Reduce the time and resources it takes to update, reconcile, and report reserves. Manage a secure audit trail.

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