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The Best Fluid Migration Simulator in the Industry

E&P companies are increasingly exploring and drilling for hydrocarbons in complex geologic environments, such as unconventional, deepwater, and subsalt plays. The cost and economic risk of developing these plays is high. Companies can no longer depend entirely on the interpretation of current day structures. Reducing risk requires broader knowledge – beyond structure and trap, and into the timing and evolution of the reservoir, its formation, the source rock, and ultimately the migration of and composition of fluids. 

The Permedia® family of petroleum systems modeling software features simulators and tools designed to provide insight into and understanding of complex, fluid-oriented processes at regional, basin and reservoir scales.

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Landmark’s Permedia application uses truly advanced algorithms to deliver high-resolution basin modeling. In my opinion, its hydrocarbon migration workflow is the best in the industry.”

-Basin Modeling Specialist, Independent Oil Company

Integrate data across domains and applications

Building the best possible model requires integrating data from a variety of sources across different parts of the organization. With industry-leading file support, Permedia software meshes seamlessly with existing tools. Co-render and analyze data from multiple packages and across all length scales, from well, reservoir, and basin, to the entire region. Integrate data from Landmark’s OpenWorks® database and disparate packages from a variety of vendors with drag-and-drop ease.

Customize to the company environment

Use Permedia software’s scripting support and plugin architecture to add custom and proprietary technology. Add custom algorithms for PVT, source rocks and kinetics. Add reactions such as biodegradation and secondary cracking. Perform analyses on well data and view the results in customized dashboard displays. Scripts are easy to write and run without any compilation.

Don’t get boxed in

Organizations need the flexibility to get the right tools to the right people. Permedia software is standalone, installs in minutes, and works with your existing data and applications. The software is available in five versions to suit any organization:

  • Permedia Viewers Software – A low-cost, high-value tool for data mining and integration, QC, and browsing. View data across all length scales, from well, reservoir, and basin, to the entire region.
  • Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D Software – An easy-to-use 1D basin modeling and wireline processing toolkit.
  • Permedia Petroleum Systems Software – The end-to-end 1D, 2D, and 3D petroleum systems modeling toolkit for basin modelers.
  • Permedia Pore Pressure Software – A flexible set of tools for conducting pore pressure studies and combining pressure data from multiple sources.​
  • P​ermedia CO2 Software – An industry-validated suite of tools customized for CO2 applications, with workflows for both prospecting and injection and storage simulation.
  • Permedia Suite Software – The complete basin to reservoir petroleum systems modeling package, for evaluating petroleum generation, flow, and emplacement at reservoir or basin scales.​

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