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At Halliburton Landmark, our Experts and Innovators have experience and knowledge that span multiple domains in oil and gas, cloud services, data science, and machine learning. Together, with our customers, they are leading Halliburton Landmark in the co-innovation of next-generation cloud-native applications and solutions, to help enable their digital transformation and address complex challenges, so that our customers can reap greater rewards for their organizations.

Mike Simmons

Halliburton Technology Fellow for Exploration

James Etienne

Director for Exploration

Steve Ward

Chief Technical Advisor for Geologic Modeling

Frans van Buchem

Principal Geoscience Advisor

Andrew Davies

Principal Geoscience Advisor

Kate Evans

Technical Advisor

Salman Ferdian

Industry Solution Advisor

Thomas Jewell

Manager of Neftex® Insights Business Development and Industry Solutions Advisor

Elham Mohsenian

Senior Technical Advisor

Alex Page

SmartDigital Services Manager

Kurt Ranzinger

Principal Technical Advisor

David Ray

Stratigraphy Advisor

Kalyan Saikia

Industry Solutions Advisor

Owen Sutcliffe

Head of Global Geological & Geophysical Practices

Jean-Christophe Wrobel-Daveau

Structural Geology & Plate Tectonics Advisor

Nick Harvey

Domain Owner for Geology

Phill Norlund

Domain Owner for Geophysics

Helen Smyth

Domain Owner for Basin Analysis

Steve Angelovich

Geophysics Solution Owner

Sarah Laird

Solution Owner for Mapping and Modeling

Graeme Nicoll

Solution Owner for Source to Sink (Global Systems Geoscience

Rachel Zaborski

Solution Owner for Geology

Graham Baines

Assisted Interpretation Team Lead

Alex Bromhead

Senior Geoscientist

Slim Bouchrara

Seismic Engine Product Owner

Tim Ferriday

Product Owner for Assisted Lithology Interpretation

Larry Fink

Product Owner for Velocity Modeling

Benjamin Gréselle

Product Owner for Earth Systems Sciences

Mehran Hassanpour

Product Owner

Luisalic Hernandez

Product Owner for DecisionSpace® 365 Scalable Earth Modeling and Earth Modeling

Fan Jiang

Geophysical Technical Advisor

Nguyen Xuan Nam

Product Owner, Geosciences & Reservoir Technologies

Well Construction
Robello Samuel

Halliburton Technology Fellow for Well Construction

Moray Laing

Director of Digital Solutions for the Drilling and Evaluation Division

Gabriel Tirado

Director of Digital Drilling & Completions Global Services

Rishi Adari

Head of Well Construction

Maria French

Principal Consultant

Nasikul Islam

Technical Advisor

Yongfeng Kang

Technical Advisor - Scientist

José Javier Mancilla

Business Intelligence & Real Time Operations Manager for Colombia & Peru

Narayan Shanker

Industry Solutions Advisor

Aimee Taylor

Industry Solutions Advisor

Rachit Garg

Drilling Principal Consultant

Margareth Gibbons

Drilling Principal Consultant

Adolfo Gonzales

Solution Owner for Well Construction

Brian Mangold

Senior Solution Owner for Well Operations Monitoring Technologies

Jerry Codling

Product Owner for Directional Well Planning Products

Roger Marin

Global Technical Advisor for Well Construction and Real Time

Avinash Wesley

Technology Advisor-Scientist

Production, Reservoir Management & Petroleum Investment
Jeffrey Yarus

Halliburton Technology Fellow for Reservoir Developement

Zainub Noor

Head of R&D – Reservoir, Production & Economics

Vitaly Khoriakov

Solution Owner for Production Engineering

Sergio Sousa

Solution Owner, Workflow Automation

Alvin Barber

Unconventional Solutions Owner

Simon Finlaison

Senior Managing Consultant, Intelligent Operations Services

Yan Li

Technology Advisor for Production

Kellerman Novaes

Technical Sales Manager

Travis Ramsay

Scientific Advisor in Reservoir Management

Jose Rodriguez

Regional Service Partner, Middle East & North Africa

Miguel Villamizar

Services Manager, Middle East & North Africa

Eric Zhang

Delivery Manager, Production

Mahmoud Bedewi

Regional Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Raed Charrouf

Domain Owner for Production

Steven Crockett

Product Manager, Nexus/VIP

Lanmin Ji

Product Owner of DecisionSpace® Digital Field Solver™

Gary Lo

iEnergy® Product Owner for Production

Qinghua Wang

Product Owner

Xuesong Wu

Product Owner for Production

Yevgeniy Zagayevskiy

Product Owner

Information Management
Robert Kellogg

Director of Information Management & Platform Technologies

Dale Blue

Global Practice Manager Information Management Services

Prakash Roopani

Senior Consulting Manager

Qaisar Dar

Principal Consultant

Amanda Smith

Solution Owner, DSIS & Information Management

Ashish Fatnani

Product Owner for Information Management and Platform Technology

Ed Clawson

Product Owner for OpenWorks®

William O'Brien

Product Owner for Corporate Data Store™

Andy Anglin

Director of Cloud Technologies

Shashank Panchangam

Chief Product Manager, Cloud Services

Geoff Case

iEnergy® Service Owner for IMPT & Geoscience

Data Science
Satyam Priyadarshy

Halliburton Technology Fellow for Data Science

Rajeev Pakalapati

Managing Director of Halliburton Development Center India LLP

Azucena Gomez

Data Science Manager

Sridharan Vallabhaneni

Data Science Manager

Ashwani Dev

Digital & Data Science Officer

Joshua Pearson

Industry Solutions Advisor

Geetha Gopakumar Nair

Data Science Technical Advisor

Rahul Saraf

Data Science Technical Advisor

Jiazuo Zhang

Senior Data Scientist

Genti Borici

Data Scientist

Bhaskar Mandapaka

Data Scientist

Youli Mao

Data Scientist

Reinaldo Mozart

Data Scientist

Vikram Pandya

Data Scientist

Software Developer/Architect
Joseph Winston

Chief Architect

Vishal Sabharwal

Principal Architect

Genboa Shi

Technical Advisor & Software Architect

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