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Asset development that maximizes production while lowering field costs requires optimum technical, operational, and economic performance over the entire lifecycle.

The Nexus® Software Suite for reservoir simulation equips reservoir engineers with the integrated modeling capabilities needed to assess, validate, plan and execute asset development optimization from start to finish. With faster run-times and multi-reservoir modeling capabilities, Nexus tools increase both model accuracy and asset team productivity, yielding integrated solutions that help increase confidence in key decisions and lifecycle management strategies for optimum asset development.

Nexus® Software Suite

Increase reservoir simulation efficiency by reducing the number of gridblocks while retaining important geologic features. Integrates many features with DecisionSpace® Earth Modeling, enabling collaboration of geomodelers and reservoir engineers.

Build full Nexus simulation decks or import existing files for editing, and generate the complete set of input files needed for Nexus reservoir simulation.

Run simulations of fluid flow for one or multiple assets, and model the reservoir, wells, and surface and subsurface facilities as a single system for the most comprehensive representation of asset behavior.

Visualize, validate, and analyze your Nexus surface network for complete tracking of fluid flow paths within the entire network.

Compute streamlines based on a full-physics Nexus simulation run with a methodology that retains the accuracy of the predicted flow.

Nexus® View™
Visualize reservoir simulation results in 3D.

Plot well field rates in 2D.

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Nexus® software is the only commercially available reservoir simulation software that can model oil and gas production from the reservoir pore space through the surface facilities to the point of sale.


Field Development Plan Optimization

An optimal development plan depends upon the interaction between the asset and its facility network. Nexus helps you reach the best prediction of fluid flow within an integrated asset by modeling both the subsurface and surface as one system in a way that effectively captures fluid flow within the system.

Manage Workload & Increase Model Accuracy

Nexus tools give teams the ability to model multiple assets that share one facility network while maintaining the integrity of their independent models, greatly increasing both team productivity and fluid flow model accuracy. Maintaining asset model integrity means specific assets can be assigned to specific reservoir engineers, while coupling the independent fluid flow models across the subsurface and surface network uses an implicit pressure solution that more accurately captures the physical behavior of the asset system. The influence of each reservoir model on overall asset production is also captured, so bottlenecks can be easily identified and corrected.

Fast & Scalable With Up to 30 Percent Reduction in Time to Decision

Recent advances in technology have paved the way for Nexus tools that deliver faster performance and speed, along with the scalability to adapt to changing project demands. This increase in speed and ease of execution gives asset teams the ability to quickly reach production answers for adjusting strategic field development planning for performance optimization.

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