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Production challenges are increasingly being handled through advanced completion strings.

Modeling fluid flow through these complex completions is beyond traditional reservoir simulation and nodal capabilities, as it should combine an accurate reservoir inflow with a highly detailed wellbore model. As completion complexity grows, the need to model flow through the tool string grows as well.

NETool is a steady-state numerical simulator that provides a user-friendly comprehensive modeling for even the most complex wells.



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Model any completion

Most operators use equipment from multiple vendors. NETool software includes a component library that allows users to model hydraulic flow through any supplier’s completion string. Simulate up to four completion strings residing in each other.

Improve completion design

NETool software’s graphical user interface lets users place wells interactively. Model the effects of well position, length, and completion configuration on production and injection performance. NETool software also helps troubleshoot production problems and aids in taking appropriate corrective actions by modeling multiple scenarios quickly.

Model complex flow hydraulics

NETool software models the completion and near wellbore region using a mesh of nodes. This unique, detailed approach allows NETool software to solve flow problems in the most complex wells, including multi-laterals and intelligent completions such as SmartWell® system completions.

Simulate all phases

The NETool simulator handles multiphase (water, oil, gas) black-oil formulated fluids with multiple bubble points and wet gas. Use the software to model both producers and injectors, and perform simulations with single-phase power-law fluids.

Accurately simulate well production without a reservoir engineer

NETool software can import data directly from a reservoir model or logs and in minutes simulate reservoir inflow combined with a comprehensive well hydraulics. This allows non-reservoir engineers to simulate and compare the performance of any well in detail, from an open hole to advanced ML Smartwell.

Get more choices with reduced risk

Production environments grow and change every day. Added complexity means added points of possible failure. Using NETool software, users can accurately model more options to find the right solution and maximize well performance. And the software's ability to model complex completions reduces uncertainties and production impact risks.

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