New disaster recovery site protects vital data and business continuity for Russian exploration operations.


Optimize production. Mitigate decline.
Engineers strive to eliminate waste, reduce costs, increase uptime, and hit production targets. Landmark’s production optimization platform integrates applications, models and data from any vendor. Workflows embed best practices and leverage limited resources.  Automated systems execute routine functions, freeing staff for high value activities such as asset optimization.

Maximize recovery.
Mature fields represent an ever growing segment of global reserves. Cross-discipline collaboration is allowing greater percentages of hydrocarbons to be produced economically.  Landmark’s solutions make collaboration a reality in mature fields. The automation of engineering, operational and business workflows enables the free flow of information throughout an organization. 

Boost operational efficiency.
Complicated production environments and high well count fields often suffer from poorly understood interactions between system components. Landmark's real-time monitoring, surveillance and analysis solutions solve the challenge of fragmented and isolated models, simulations, applications and data sources by providing timely and actionable information to visualize and understand your mature field.

Detect issues early.
The longer a problem exists without corrective action, the more severe it becomes, leading inevitably to deferred production and unplanned downtime.  Landmark’s solutions enable early detection and analysis, supporting decisions that substantially improve performance.  Prompt action limits production interruptions while predictive analytics identifies possible failures early, providing timely warnings.

All the engineering you need to solve a problem.
Mature fields are all about solving challenges and getting back on track. Landmark’s DecisionSpace® Production based workflows bring together all the engineering needed to address an issue, regardless of vendor.  From equipment health and integrity, production optimization or operational logistics, the right applications, models and data are readily available.

Appraisal & Development

Plan complex fields, well paths and completions.
Effective field development plans integrate complex reservoir targets and anti-collision with difficult well path trajectories while optimizing facility and operating costs. Landmark's integrated geoscience and engineering solution facilitates collaboration for better, faster, safer plans. Evaluate full field scenarios, generate precise targets, optimize platform positioning and design well paths.

Completions design.
Methods being successfully employed to give new life to mature fields include revamping facilities, “smart” infill wells, and the injection of gas, steam, or chemicals.  Landmark’s NETool™ models the associated complex well hydraulics and aids in well planning, completion design, troubleshooting production problems and identifying corrective actions.

Workover efficiency.
Landmark’s OpenWells Mobile for Workovers™ provides workover and recompletion reporting and data management for non-instrumented wells to manage more jobs with greater accuracy and speed.  Field data is easily captured via an iPad® then synchronized with the corporate EDM™ database to support decisions and facilitate organizational collaboration between team members.

Understand complex fields, optimize development strategy
Effective field development plans can involve connecting complex reservoir targets with difficult well path trajectories, while optimizing facility operating costs. Landmark's integrated geoscience and engineering solution facilitates collaboration for better, faster, safer plans. You can evaluate full field scenarios, generate precise targets, optimize platform positioning and design well paths.

Integrated asset management
Optimal reservoir planning has increased in complexity as has the need for cross-domain solutions. Landmark software provides key parts of an integrated asset management solution, from seismic to sales point. 

Timely, accurate production forecasts.
Traditional reservoir modeling approaches solve surface and subsurface networks separately, then iterate to convergence. Nexus® software solves both models simultaneously, delivering accurate results quickly. The software's unique volume balance formulation reduces iterations without any fine tuning, and the unstructured solver dramatically reduces processing cycles for even the most complex reservoirs. 

Multi-reservoir modeling with shared facilities
When independent reservoirs are coupled through shared surface facilities, each reservoir influences the production of others. Landmark’s solution couples the reservoir and facilities as a single entity, providing accurate, robust results, while maintaining the integrity of each individual model and eliminating unplanned facility upgrades from asset development schedules.


Accurately image complex reservoirs.
Mature field operators use 3D seismic imaging to define subsurface structures and faults to justify commercial development. Landmark's suite of geoscience workflows, fully integrated prestack interpretation software, and seamless depth conversion solutions provide the high resolution you need to help reduce risk and drill the most challenging reservoirs with confidence.

Continuous feedback to refine interpretation.
As mature fields are produced, additional information becomes available to maximize recovery and returns. Landmark’s DecisionSpace software solutions enable automatic updating of subsurface structures and Nexus reservoir parameters.  The latest, most up to date interpretation and data is used to re-characterize the sealed structural model to provide more accurate volumetric calculations and infill drilling targets. 

Integrate data, collaborate more effectively.
Given today's technical resource constraints, it is imperative for E&P specialists to integrate all available data and collaborate effectively across traditional silos. Using Landmark's seamlessly integrated, multidiscipline, and industry leading DecisionSpace® applications and information management solutions, shortens cycle time by creating and dynamically updating detailed subsurface models of your asset.

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