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Structural Analysis & Modeling for the Most Complex Geologic Environments

Interpreting and modeling plays in complex geology, such as fold and thrust belts, extensional, strike-slip, and salt deformation regions presents unique challenges. LithoTect® structural modeling software provides tools to validate complex subsurface models, LithoTect software lets users build more accurate models of complicated geology.

Leveraging geometry reconstruction, structural restoration, and balancing techniques, LithoTect software can help validate the plausibility of complex structural interpretations. These technologies help geoscientists quantify fracture densities and distributions, analyze fault sealing characteristics, and model burial history, hydrocarbon migration pathways, and accumulations zones. Results can be particularly valuable in lowering the risk and cost of complex plays in deepwater, sub-salt, and unconventional resources.


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LithoTect® software delivers advanced tools for structural interpretation and reservoir property modeling, including map, profile, well, and seismic interpretation methods.


Validate Complex Models

Build detailed structural and stratigraphic frameworks for complicated geology using geometry reconstruction, structural restoration, and balancing techniques, then verify that structural interpretations are physically possible using restoration and balancing techniques.

Understand Complex Structures

LithoTect software’s advanced structural analysis techniques interpret and build statistically meaningful geologic models constrained by geologic principles. Build a geologically accurate representation of subsurface structure using conformance tools appropriate for the rock type and tectonic setting. Define dip and curvature attributes that influence reservoir properties, such as fractures, permeability, and porosity. Use forward modeling techniques, including decompaction, isostacy, and rift subsidence analysis, to model the geologic processes that control sediment deposition, structural evolution, burial history, hydrocarbon migration pathways, and accumulation zones.

Improve Reservoir Development Decisions

LithoTect software delivers structural modeling and validation that can significantly improve the accuracy of subsurface models in complicated geology. With more structurally accurate models of the subsurface, specialists and asset teams can better evaluate exploration risk and make better decisions about reservoir development.

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