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Meeting IT infrastructure challenges

Deploying and managing petrotechnical applications is costly and requires significant manpower with specialized skills. Selecting, procuring and installing the IT infrastructure to support these applications can take weeks, if not months, to complete. Companies are looking for ways to avoid costly delays and expense, but still drive end-to-end business efficiency across domains.

In an attempt to lower IT infrastructure costs, some companies have developed IT reference architecture to define standards for their hardware and software configuration. This approach helps provide a consistent plan for IT assets, but it still requires a manual process to procure and configure individual IT resources. In addition, each component in the configuration is managed separately, making the environment more complex to deploy and difficult to maintain. Advanced technology solutions are needed to meet these challenges, faster and more economically.

Transform your data center with converged infrastructure

The E&P industry is starting to leverage an innovative solution, converged infrastructure (CI), which helps to efficiently manages individual IT elements as a unified asset. CI systems integrate your storage, compute and networking in a way that can be scaled linearly and managed as a single unit. It also accelerates the deployment of new technology, optimizes system usage and reduces downtime. And all these advantages can be accomplished with fewer staff.

Specifically designed for E&P, Landmark Earth Engineered Appliance combines the latest science of CI, the E&P Blueprint and automated updates. It arrives pre-installed with the DecisionSpace® software suite of advanced solutions for geosciences, well engineering and production. This end-to-end E&P workflow solution is built on a single software platform, which enables true collaboration between domains, and can help reduce costly data transfer and decision risk.


Getting the most from Landmark Earth

Since Landmark Earth was created exclusively for the E&P industry, it provides the best performance available for high-end 2D and 3D applications and can handle massive amounts of data common in the industry. It also can deliver up to five times the performance of traditional high-end desktop workstations found in typical client-server deployments.

While Landmark Earth’s underlying converged infrastructure supplies a complete environment many companies have existing investments that they want to leverage in conjunction with the appliance. For example, previous purchased storage devices that hold massive amounts of data. Landmark Earth can be configured to use the existing storage, thus eliminating the need to move data or replace valuable resources. In addition, applications from E&P companies and other vendors can be more easily added to Landmark Earth’s open architecture.

Making transition easier

Having the right processes and systems in place can mitigate transition risk, increase operational efficiencies and enable you to better leverage your existing software and IT technology investments. In addition, Landmark provides services that help you:

  • Assess business readiness for transformation to the private Cloud and help you define a strategy roadmap for your company
  • Assess your existing IT environment to gauge the technical readiness for a Landmark Earth solution deployment
  • Perform the work needed to leverage your existing IT resources and incorporate vendor software with Landmark Earth
  • Operate and maintain Landmark Earth, including system administration, user management and solution change management

In short, Landmark Services offers solutions that help you get the optimal value from Landmark Earth to deliver on your business strategies.

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