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Landmark Announces DecisionSpace® Unconventionals: Technology for Game-Changing Exploration & Development

Landmark announced today at its annual technology conference that it will soon release DecisionSpace Unconventionals, a solution composed of Landmark's comprehensive suite of applications delivered on a single platform and optimized to help clients manage the lifecycle of unconventional resources from exploration to production. The integrated workflows and technology of DecisionSpace Unconventionals is aimed at helping to improve the cost per barrel of oil equivalent, enhance frac performance, and reduce risk and uncertainty.

DecisionSpace Unconventionals is designed to help answer four key questions: where to drill, how to drill, where to frac, and how to frac. The solution is particularly unique in its patent-pending unstructured gridding and complex mapping of natural and induced fractures to help improve well and reservoir modeling and better predict technical and economic performance. Additionally, a continuous, iterative, and dynamically updateable model supports E&P business processes to help reduce decision-making latency and to increase team collaboration.

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