October 12, 2018, HOUSTON – The upstream oil and gas industry’s brightest minds gathered to celebrate the winners of the 2018 World Oil Awards. The ceremony recognizes and honors the upstream industry’s top innovations and innovators.

In this year’s ‘Best Digital Transformation Award’ category, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Halliburton won for the North Kuwait KwIDF (Kuwait Integrated Digital Field) project. The project is an example of advanced technology and innovation in action, made possible through the close collaboration of KOC and Halliburton. It is a large-scale, digital production management implementation encompassing five complex, mature fields and over 1,200 wells located in North Kuwait. The system delivers valuable insights to executives and engineers, by bringing asset intelligence to their fingertips—from the field to the boardroom— and providing the basis for making informed, data-driven decisions. The innovative integration of real-time data, leading-edge technology, people and work processes aims to optimize production and ultimate recovery for the long term.

The project accelerates the data-to-decisions cycle at all levels of the KOC organization, by empowering production workflows with digitalized capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge analytics. Easily accessed through user-friendly dashboards and delivered on an integrated platform, the combination of a physics-based model with real-time data provides a comprehensive production model for cross-functional teams. The dashboards include a smart production surveillance system that provides information to analyze and optimize well performance, artificial lift (ESP) performance and diagnostics, and waterflooding. Over a hundred KPIs are considered to monitor all facets of production management and operations and to generate alarms, optimization opportunities and reporting.

To learn more about the KwIDF project, visit their webpage

For more information about the analytics technology leveraged by the project, visit the Production Insights webpage

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