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Current economic conditions are driving operators to drill more cost-effective wells. The use of real-time drilling data is becoming a norm in the oil and gas industries to redefine their key performance indicators (KPIs) at a micro level rather than at traditional macro levels. Some of the examples of micro KPIs include monitoring flat times and invisible lost times (ILTs) to incorporate technical-limit wells and benchmark drilling performances. There is a greater demand by the industry for real-time visualization, on-demand reporting, and setting targets and thresholds for repeated performances for efficiencies, accelerated field developments, and increasing returns on investment (ROIs).

In this webinar, we will learn about the different KPIs that operators are monitoring for quick wins and value adds, and how these can ultimately contribute to the bottom line of well construction. Using analytical dashboards, Digital Well Program™ solution, drilling advisories, and knowledge cubes, customers can make on-demand decisions and efficiently work on their programs, thus reducing planning times and improving time to production considerably.

Speaker | Nasikul Islam, Sr. Technical Sales Consultant, Drilling and Completions

Nasikul Islam is a Sr. Technical Sales Consultant for Drilling and Completions in the Eurasia/Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Halliburton Landmark. He is a master’s degree candidate in petroleum engineering (December 2018) at the University of Utah. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and chemistry from Texas AM University. Mr. Islam has more than 16 years of oil & gas industry experience, and five SPE publications related to real-time and drilling performance. In 2002, he began his career in Schlumberger’s Drilling and Measurements division. In 2008, he joined Knowledge Systems (KSI) and consulted for Saudi ARAMCO in its Real Time Operations Centre in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. That same year, Mr. Islam joined Talisman Energy Calgary as a Drilling Optimization Engineer, where he used his previous expertise with real-time systems and proactively intervened from the Talisman Real Time Operations Centre. Before joining Halliburton Landmark, he worked as a Senior Drilling & Completions Engineer with Husky Energy for Deep Basin-Ansell; as a Sr. Drilling Engineer with Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation in Houston, Texas; and as a Sr. Performance Engineer with Qatar Petroleum. He is passionate on research in next-generation real-time engineering.


  • Learn how KPIs are necessary for success, and how these provide value by monitoring real-time ILTs that make up nonproduction time (NPT)
  • Understand how these KPIs can lower well costs and contribute to accelerated learning curves
  • See how this plugs into the latest-generation digital well delivery ​


  • Drilling and completion engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Drilling and completion managers
  • Well integrity engineers and advisors
  • Drilling supervisors IT specialists
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