We can help you organize your information assets and make them available across your organization. Our consultants have the domain and technical expertise to help you maximize the value of critical information at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

Information Lifecycle Management

Landmark provides solutions to manage data throughout the project lifecycle—from asset appraisal to mature field recovery – ensuring stakeholders have the right data at the right time, and get greater return on their investment. Landmark data management solutions, based on our vendor-neutral DecisionSpace® Integration Server, help you provide timely, accurate and consistent information across the entire organization. Whether for exploration, drilling, engineering, or production, choose the specialized applications that best suit your needs and connect them using the DecisionSpace Integration Server.

Master Data Management

Today, more E&P data is stored in more places than ever before. Without a "single source of truth," no one really knows which data from what sources is more correct. Landmark master data management solutions effectively create a single source so that you can make better and more timely decisions, lower operational costs, and meet regulatory requirements more easily.

Successful master data management requires more than the right software. It requires a combination of practices, governance, and technology to define trusted data, the rules and relationships around that data, and the processes to keep it current through time. Using a combination of Landmark technology and domain expertise, we apply business rules derived from best practices to build a master or "gold" database using only the trusted parts of all your data sources. The result is a single view of the truest data and the methods you need to keep it current, regardless of where it's stored.

National Data Banks

National oil ministries may attract greater investment from operating companies when their data assets are high quality and accessible. Landmark has a track record of delivering successful solutions for managing valuable national information assets. As global demand for oil increases, national oil ministries are focusing on attracting greater investment and increasing the number of participating companies. For potential new entrants to a market, a key to success is timely access to high-quality data. Increase investment with easy-to-access data.

With the Internet, portals, and new software technologies, national data centers have an unprecedented opportunity to increase exploration and production investments by

  • Increasing exposure
  • Improving transparency
  • Improving access to geological data

Used in more than 20 national data centers around the world, Landmark PetroBank® Master Data Store™ database has been designed from the ground up to solve the complex security and entitlement challenges of providing multi-client access to central data stores. Our solution is backed with end-to-end expert service and best practices leveraged from our consultants' experience in planning, deploying and operating these implementations.

Operational Data Management

The demand to drill more wells faster translates into shorter decision cycle times in the face of greater data volumes. Companies can no longer afford the delays caused by waiting on, searching for, or sending back operational data because it's incomplete or wrong. You have to get operational data to the right person in the right format the first time.

Landmark consultants use operational systems founded on best practices to collect data as close to the source as possible, with quality control built in to the data collection process. Once collected in the operational database, data can be served up in a ready-to-use format to whatever application calls for it. This streamlined process is made possible by the DecisionSpace Integration Server, which understands the different formats and automatically translates data as needed.


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